VERSUS: Advanced Most Matches Competition
Even when the VERSUS Summer Season 2012 has just started, we have planned a special Most Matches Competition for all Counter-Strike players in VERSUS. It is the same way a MMC runs in Ladders, but we will have more winners, because of an advanced concept.

What is a Most Matches Competition?

As the name states it is important to play as many match as possible in a given period. The player with the most matches in that period will win some Premium prizes.

The special MMC for VERSUS

The difference between a normal MMC and the VERSUS MMC is, that we will have more winners, because we have more than one MMC running at the same time. On the one side we will have the Most Matches Competition for Counter-Strike in general, but players with the following nationalities have a chance to win in a second competition as well: French, Spanish, Polish, German, Czech & Slovak.

For German and Polish players it is important that only matches count, which are played in the national clouds and not the European one. But that is different for the players from France, Spain Czech Republic and Slovakia, because we only count the matches from the EU cloud.

Quick facts for the MMCs

Period: May 13th until May 21st 2012
Premium prizes for Top 3 in
Counter-Strike (global)
National Clouds

So players from e.g. France or Spain have two chances to win Premium in this competition.

What will the prize be for a winner?

Global MMC
2 months ESL Premium
1 month ESL Premium
14 days ESL Premium

Nationality MMC
1 month ESL Premium
14 days ESL Premium
7 days ESL Premium

The winners will be announced one or two days after the MMC has finished, because he have to handle all incoming vetos first, so all matches count for you. We wish all players the best of luck and have fun playing Counter-Strike in VERSUS.

And we are already thinking about creating another competition, but then for the game modes, so keep checking the Counter-Strike section for more news.

Your Adminteam
bLackhawk, Wednesday, 09/05/12 14:26
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yeah and all the cheaters win.... idiot esl
No-life power :)
The greatest league on the world is giving 14 days premium on ESL for 3rd place ...

Shame and lame.
Versus is a big fail. You should start promoting 5on5 and not some 1on1 aim cupswhere u go and play on opponents server where u have ~70 ping and he has 10. There are about what max 5-10 verus matches per hour? My opinnion is that you should get around 10 servers (I say germans since 80% of Europe has decent ping there) and get some botlike thing on server for restart etc. Because people actually cheat in versus. You can't request demo and shit...its realy lame.

There are alot of new players in this versus and alot of them doesen't even have cs gameaccount added.
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Cheater's win !!! Is a FAIL Competition.
And good admin ?
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