VERSUS goes crazy
It's time for another VERSUS goes crazy Sunday and you're cordially invited. We got some nice features and great prices for you to win. Obviously with easy-handling VERSUS and protection by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat. We wish lots of fun!

What's VERSUS?

VERSUS is the new game system of the ESL. A few clicks are enough to find a match with and against equally skilled players. Individual rankings record your achievements. Less rules, less clicking, but more matches and fast amusement. You'll find further information in our VERSUS Portal.

VERSUS goes crazy

We got two crazy features for Sunday, March 4 around our new matchmaking system VERSUS. We'll start at 2 pm with a 2on2 Knife mode in an MR9 Quick Version and at 4 pm we'll continue with an oldschool 5on5 mode.

2on2 Knife only - MR9 Quickie!
Modus: 2on2 Knife - MR9 Quickie
Mappool: 1hp_final, ka_fightclub, ka_legoland, ka_space
Settings: mp_freezetime "2", mp_roundtime "2"
Knife Mappack

Play 2on2 Knife

5on5 MR15 - Oldschool!
Modus: 5on5 MR15 Oldschool
Mappool: de_aztec, de_cbble, de_piranesi, de_torn, de_chateau, de_prodigy
Settings: mp_startmoney "800", mp_freezetime "10", mp_roundtime "1.75"

Play 5on5 Oldschool

XP Boost

All gaming activities are charged to your ESL level including the matches played in VERSUS. Every played VERSUS match is worth 100 XP (eXPerience) independent from the result. The boost doubles this figure.



Among all ESL Premium members who play 10 or more matches on Sunday (between 00:00am and midnight CET) we will raffle one of three Roccat ISKU Keyboards, each worth 75,00 Euros.

All players with less than 10 played matches will still be eligible for some other prizes. Depending on the number of matches and your ESL Premium status, you could win a keyboard, ESL TV Premium and ESL Premium. Take a look:

1+ Match: One of 50 Premium Keys for 1 month
5+ Matches: One of 5 ESL Sports T-Shirts
5+ Matches with Premium: One of 5 ESL TV Premium Keys for 1 year
10+ Matches with Premium: one of three Roccat ISKU Keyboards worth 75€

Additionally, we will give away ESL and ESL TV Premium Keys and a special prize in the upcoming "ticker" news on Sunday, telling you the action going on as it happens.

VERSUS goes crazy Award

Get a chance to win our popular VERSUS goes crazy award. Check the box to see what you have to do for it.

  • The player with most matches in a game on the 3rd most voted map
  • The player with most matches in a game without any wrong results and reportings by other players.
  • The player who played matches with the highest amount of different other players
  • The player on rank 1337 of the overall ranking of all games at random times
  • The player with matches in the highest amount of game modes
  • The player who has played with the highest amount of players from different countries
  • The player who played the most matches against parties
  • The player who played in parties with the highest number of players
  • The player who earned the most Daily Bonuses
  • The player with ... no, this will be announced later ;)
If there are players who have the same amount of one of our restrictions, all players of these will get the award. Furthermore we give some awards to special players we choose. e.g. for another outstanding performance or he earned it because of another special move.

We wish you lots of fun with "VERSUS goes crazy"!

Euer Admin Team
pr0n, Thursday, 01/03/12 14:55
Play VERSUS now!
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very nice I like :)
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