VERSUS: Vote your game modes #2
Again it is time for you to decide, which game modes you wanna play in VERSUS. We prepared a poll for you, so it is up to you to say which game modes should be played in the next week. You have a say on if 1on1 AIM and/or 3on3 MR15 stays or if it will be switched with one of the other game modes. If you have any other ideas of modes which acctually could attract a larger number of players, feel free to post in the comments!

Which game modes would you like to play?

We are still looking for the best modes to have in VERSUS. You got 2 votes in our poll to determine the modes, which will be active starting this Thursday. Until then you can choose from different game modes, which have been active before, but also new game modes, we never had in VERSUS. We will not replace 5on5 MR15, 3on3 AWP or 2on2 AIM with new game mode, but 2on2 Quickie is on the edge.

Poll: CS VERSUS Gamemodes
Vote for your favorites now!

The poll is running till Thursday, 05th of April at 11:59 am. The final result will be published on Thursday together with the new/old modes for the next week. If your favorite modes are not in the vote this time, don't worry. Post your ideas here, in the forum or the polls comments. We are open to have your ideas in next weeks poll!

Your Adminteam
bLackhawk, Tuesday, 03/04/12 12:23
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Voting: Game modes in VERSUS
comments (3)
1n1 aim, thx
1n1 qckie !
thanks 1/1 aim
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