5on5 Cup Series 2012 - Qualifier #4
The time has come. Three qualifiers ended and the last one is on its way. This is the last train to the final battle. So hurry up and get slot in this qualifier.

Cup Squad is here again to support you and ensure a smooth progress. So signup now and win your slot in the playoffs.

General information

We will hold the four qualification cups . Each cup will have 16 slots available. Top four teams in every qualifier will win a slot in the final cup.

5on5 Cup Series 2012 Qualifier #4

5on5 Cup Series 2012 Qualifier #4
Start:25.02.2012 - 17:00
Signup: start:23.02.2012 00:00 CET close: 25.02.2012 16:00
Rules:5on5 Ladder
No-show: 3 League penalty points
Players in team: 5-7
Trusted: not required

5on5 Cup Series 2012 [Qualifier #4] - Click

Things worth mentioning

5 to 7 players

Each team must consist of at least 5 and a maximum of 7 players. Teams with more than 7 members will not be able to participate in cups, and even if they do get accepted, they will be disqualified.

4 qualifiers + playoffs

Each week one of four qualifiers will take part. The best teams from each qualifier will attend the playoffs where best of the best will compete for premium keys.

16 participants per cup

Each cup will have 16 slots which we will fill up by accepting fastest league join requests.

BO3 - Best of three

Every match is played in Best-of-3 mode, so in order to win a match, a team has to win 2 maps.

6 maps - ban and choose (example)

The team on the left in the matchsheet(= Team A), starts with the procedure by writing into the match comments. (for instance: !ban de_train)
Team A: Bans (de_train)
Team B: Bans (de_tuscan)
Team A: chooses (de_inferno)
Team B: Chooses (de_nuke)
and the last map will be the 3rd if needed (in this case de_dust2).

Prices for Playoffs

You don't have to play just for fun. We added some premium prices.

  • will get 3 months
  • will get 2 months
  • will get 1 month

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How to get Support

You can contact us via Quakenet #esl.cs or open a Support ticket

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