Summer Qualifier #4 (1on1 MR 12)
Last Thursday Cup selected next 4 players who will take part in the Playoffs (02.08) and will have a chance to win unique summer award! If you want to join them and be in the top 4 we have prepared the last 1on1 MR 12 Qualifier for all of you who didnt qualify yet!

Info about Qualifier #4

Info box

  • 1on1 MR 12 Qualifier #4
  • Size: 32/64 players
  • The Rules
  • Overtime: MR3
  • EWAC is mandatory!
  • MR: 12
  • Remember about CHECKIN!
  • Please prepare your server before the cup starts! If you dont have any visit this site: Serverleih and borrow one!

1on1 MR 12 Qualifier

Sign up now!

(Check-in: Enabled)
Don't miss this cup!
Sign up until 19:30 CET
Date: Thursday 12th July
Start: 20:00
Size: 32/64 players
Structure: Single Elimination

First time playing an ESL CS Cup?

Read the Cups FAQ!

After check-in

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Basic rules:

Maps: Fixed map each round (see here)
Mode: Bo1
Replays: 30 minutes
Coverage: No!

Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter your SteamID CS/Dod (e.g. 0123456)
Enter a contact method (MSN, Skype, IRC, etc.) 
Click the sign up link!

See the cup information page for more details

How does the Check-In work and what is it good for?

On Thursday there will be a Check-In starting at 19:30 CET until 19:40 CET to confirm your participation. This helps us having mostly teams in the tournament who are able to start playing the cup at CETEurope/Berlin: so the tournament can run smoothly. NOTE: If you won't use the Check-In in the given time frame, you can't participate in the Opening Cup!

If you don't know the handling, here's a short explication.

Step 1 - Reservation (green)

Here you can reserve a place in the cup, but you have to confirm your participation later.

Step 2 - Confirmation (yellow)

30 minutes before the cup starts, you have to confirm your participation, if you have done that, you're in the Cup.

Step 3 - Entry (red)

You didn't get a free place in this cup? If there are not enough participants, you can still enter the cup 20 minutes before starting!

Info about Qualifier #3 winners

# Team
2. jeff
3. Scorpic
4. HAD

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How to get Support

You can contact us via Quakenet #esl.cs or open a Support ticket

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