Upcoming ladders & cups
We are proud to annunce the creation of new ladders in the Crysis 2 EU section. Also, we want give you a general update about the game and the section.


Here we go. In order to keep this section alive and fight against games such as the upcoming Battlefield 3 (even if it is a desperate fight), in the next days we will create 3 new ladders and a new Cup Series.

Most of them are meant to involve the players who love one versus one fights, but there is a surprise for the teams too!

1on1 AIM ladder

If you want test your aim and prove your skill this is your ladder!

Copying an old idea of CSS, we are starting a ladder with aim maps only. This will include the well known Poolday map reworked from Crysis Wars plus various new maps.

1on1 SniperOnly ladder

In the past the Online Modding Group created a mod called SniperOnly for Crysis Wars to allow the players to play using 1 single weapon.

With Crysis2 a new command has been introduced from Crytek, it allows us to force the players to spawn with 1 weapon and play using it.

So, within few days, you will find a new 1on1 SniperOnly ladder in Crysis2. Prepare your aim to make headshots (and of course shut down your aimbot :P)

4on4 TeamInstantAction ladder

This is the surprise for the teams (and it is our last try, also).
“Capture the Relay” ladder had no success and in fact it will be removed soon, so we try with TIA, a simpler and probably more interesting game mode.

Join and invite your friends to build a team and do the same! This is a test!
If it works the teams will have a chance to play in Crysis2 ESL, otherwise we will focus on 1on1/2on2 only.

1on1 Cup series

Which is the best weapon in Crysis2? Have you a good aim with that weapon? This is the time to know it.

We are proud to introduce you in the first Single Weapon 1on1 Cups. One cup, only one weapon; a total of at least 6 cups where you will fight using DSG, Gauss, Marshall, Feline, K-Volt, Revolver and so on. If you like the competetive fights, this is your moment!

More info will come as soon as possible...

Hall of Fame

We want remind you the new Hall of Fame for Crysis 2. In this special ESL page you can find all the teams and players which won a cup in the past. The Hall of Fame will be updated with the results of all the new cups so, if you are one of the winners you will be immortalized forever in the ESL!

Crysis 2 is powered by

Hoping to see you numerous in the ladders and cups and waiting for your comments, we wish you an awesome end of summer.

Your Admin Team
Mr.TBD, Wednesday, 24/08/11 17:28
comments (7)
I think that SniperOnly ladder should be moved into Aim ladder. 2maps to play, poolday for aim mode, and DSG1map for sniperonly mode. I think that it is useles creating 2 new ladders for 1on1.
the 1on1 ladders are nice, but why tbd, why do you try again 4on4 ? -.-
-1 Krypton'Z
There are many people who love DSG1, but others don't like sniper rifle, even hate this.
So It should be great for everybody. Free choice. SniperOnly or AIM.

Some teams are interested in 'Team Instant Action 4on4' ladder.
If AeQuuS don't want to play, It doesn't mean, that another teams too.
Ladders are funny if you get at least 10 teams. As shown 4on4 CTR had only 2 or 3. So tell me when you get those teams on a ladder :)

And creating MORE 2 ladders of 1on1 may not be the solution, but try it!

i requested Master Admins to open 2 ladders:

*) 1on1 aim ladder: usually you can play using any weapon, but optionally you can force the use of the sniper rifle and convert the match into a SniperOnly match. You will just have to specify it and find the agreement with your opponent.

*) 4on4 tia ladder: and we will see how it goes...
Krypton'Z wrote:
So tell me when you get those teams on a ladder

On xfire? lol.
TheBlackDead wrote:

*) 4on4 tia ladder: and we will see how it goes...

We are the only team in this ladder... and waiting for another clans... but I think wanna be like the 4v4 CTR... but we will see
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