Winter 2012: The winners
After 1month of competative play, we have our winner of this years winter cup, and the winner is IceNine!! They first go out of the group stage without any defeat. They keep showing their skill in the playoff as they reach the first place without loosing a single side in the whole competition. They finally defeated Team ABSOLUTE 14-3 in the final while moneyy team beat Team Pummeluff 3on3 for the 3rd place.

The winner of the Winter 2012 Cup

Sunday, 26/02/12 20:00
Status: closed

 Team ABSOLUTE (#2)[3:14] IceNine (#1)

Congratulation to the winners and have fun with the other competitions.

Prizes for Winners

The winner of the Wintercup will get a special award and 3x three months ESL Premium. The second place will get 3x two months ESL Premium and the third one will still get 3x one month ESL Premium. Besides that the teams will get some awesome ingame prizes as listed below:
M4A1-A Tiger (30 days) + EXP Plus 50% (7 days)
M4A1-A Bronze (7 days) + EXP Plus 50% (7 days)
EXP Plus 50% (7 days)

To get your prizes, you must open a support.

Your Adminteam

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Desit, Monday, 05/03/12 16:54
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if the opening cup prizes weren't received yet, this ones will take ages too o.o
gz all
Good job :)
Now, 2 years from today u got ur prizes! Gratz all teams.
Even tho we knocked moneyy team out :D
#6 not our fault, we didn't know what happened there. anyway you won only because we played with 2 players, one of them was a ringuer.
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