Crossfire Europe: First dropout in the EMS
Today we have to announce the first dropout of the ESL Major Series Season X in Crossfire Europe. The Belgian team Mouse Control was kicked, because they did not have enough players left to play in the tournament. We are sorry about that, but we wish the remaining teams the best of luck and have fun playing in the EMS.

Current status of the groupstage

ABSOLUTE EMS is dominating group A and leading with three wins. On second place we have Hounds EMS with one win against the third BOPE TROPA and one loss against ABSOLUTE EMS.
In group B we only have three teams left, but currently two teams have one win. IceNine CF and CEFO.cf could both win against EMS mix1, who are on third place and on Sunday they play against each other.
tGaming.EMS and SeLecT are up 2:1 in group C, but Narcotic OLD and in memory of MADVISION EMS are following with 1:2. Group C is still open for surprises.
In group D we have our Top Match from Sunday, because id_6703811 is playing against mystify.compleX EMS for the first place in the group. On rank three and four we have best team ever! and FutureEmsTeam.

Top Match on Sunday

Sunday, 15/04/12 20:00
Status: closed

 id_6703811 (#8)[10:12] mystify.compleX.. (#4)

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bLackhawk, Friday, 13/04/12 11:32
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gl & hf
Lol we didnt even play BOPA TROPA yet, wrong infos, we won agianst the french team, BOPA TROPA will make another no show on sunday, else we would have 9 points already..
we won with MouseC 14:4 and now deleted GG
krzysio109 wrote:
we won with MouseC 14:4 and now deleted GG

It doesnt make a Different , everyone gets 3 free points or 0 points
Dont complain about it its like this

1.place: 3 points
2. place: 3 points
3. place : 3 points


1st: 0 p
2nd : 0p
3th: 0 p

is there a different ? nop :D
#3 The points are about the wins against teams, not wins in general. So the fact you played mouse control doesnt count since they dont "exist" anymore.
true, but we wasted time :P
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