Spring Cup 2012 : Small news
Because of the downtime on ESL last week we have to move the Spring Cup #3 to next week. Since we do not want to change the match day of this cup we decided to postpone all our spring cups by one week.

The Cups:

After postponing the cups by one week the new cup dates are as follows:

24.04.2012 Spring Cup #3
01.05.2012 Spring Cup #4
08.05.2012 Spring Cup #5
15.05.2012 Spring Cup #6
22.05.2012 Playoff

Next cup

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Mode 1on1 - Knife Only
Start Date: 24/04/12 20:00 CET
Slots: unlimited
Rounds: 5 rounds each side
Special Rules: only knife allowed
Support: via Support-Ticket

Crossfire Europe

Prizes for Winners

The winner of the Spring cup will get a special award and three months ESL Premium. The second place will get two months ESL Premium and the third one will still get one month ESL Premium. Besides that the teams will get some awesome ingame prizes as listed below:
M4A1-A Bronze (7 days) + 25,000 GP + EXP Plus 50% (7 days)
10,000 GP + EXP Plus 50% (7 days)
EXP Plus 50% (7 days)

The best luck to all of you in our Spring cup and have fun playing Crossfire Europe in the ESL.

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Mars31, Sunday, 22/04/12 18:40
comments (3)
i was expecting that this would happen

but ur kinda late with is like. u shouldve posted this like faster
Need to try
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