Spring Cup 2012 : 1st Cup Result
The first cup of the Spring cup 2012 is now over. phaze rise above 47 other players to reach the 1st of this cup and to be the first of the qualifier ranking. He defeated Mustiiiiiiii in final while InfluenZ beat betzen to join them on the podium. Next tuesday it will be Handgun only, get ready for it !

Sniper only cup result

Tuesday, 03/04/12 23:00
Status: closed

 musti (#2)[6:8] phaze (#1)

Congratulation to the winners and have fun with the other competitions.

Spring cup 2012 ranking

5th-8th2z1NstaRR Mr.Unknown FLEXX Jin
9th-16th1Snox Sanjuro frAMZIE' Pietro02 Craquette Peter Unlustig GreaT hopez_

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Mode 1on1 - Handgun Only
Start Date: 10/04/12 20:00 CET
Slots: unlimited
Rounds: 5 rounds each side
Special Rules: only Colt 1911, M9, P228, Anaconda, Desert Eagle and Glock 18 allowed
Support: via Support-Ticket

Crossfire Europe

Prizes for Winners

The winner of the Spring cup will get a special award and three months ESL Premium. The second place will get two months ESL Premium and the third one will still get one month ESL Premium. Besides that the teams will get some awesome ingame prizes as listed below:
M4A1-A Bronze (7 days) + 25,000 GP + EXP Plus 50% (7 days)
10,000 GP + EXP Plus 50% (7 days)
EXP Plus 50% (7 days)

The best luck to all of you in our Spring cup and have fun playing Crossfire Europe in the ESL.

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Desit, Wednesday, 04/04/12 14:30
comments (3)
I was at 20:00 but I forgot about fkin "check in" system and lost 10 points now... ehhh xd
majma wrote:
I was at 20:00 but I forgot about fkin "check in" system and lost 10 points now... ehhh xd

10 points HAHAHA :D
I had 140ping at 20:00 - 22:00 :<
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