Opening Cup: The winners
On Thursday, after 14 days of fighting, we had the finals of our Search & Destroy 5on5 Opening Cup and the winner is 'moneyy team' from Portugal, which managed to win the final against the polish team 'HELLFACTION'. The team 'Aerosol eSports' won the match for the third place against 'Amnesia.eu'. Congratulations to all!

The winner of the Opening Cup

Thursday, 19/01/12 20:00
Status: closed

 PlayGENEesport... (#2)[7:14] moneyy team (#1)

Congratulation to the winners and have fun with the other competitions.

The Opening Cup prizes

C4 Kit (30 days) & Extra grenade (30 days) + 100,000 GP
C4 Kit (10 days) & Extra grenade (10 days) + 50,000 GP
C4 Kit (10 days) & Extra grenade (10 days) + 25,000 GP

The winning team of the Opening Cup will also receive the exclusive Golden Opening Cup Award! The Silver and Bronze Opening Cup Award will be given to the 2nd and 3rd placement.

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bLackhawk, Friday, 20/01/12 16:14
Opening Cup - Tournament Tree
comments (11)
It was a nice cup before ems. nice "pre-season"
gz for both teams.
Good games!
GG wp see ya on EMS.
I hope to get the prizes this year! thank you
when we will get this prizes? 02.02 and still no prizes...
srsly this is too long...
y0000000? Where are my prizes? Lazy workers here in ESL. Maybe EMS prizes are a false pretense to teams join that CUP. It would be nice if you answer the support tickets explaining what its happening.
....!!! where are prizes?!
Dont have the prizes yet. what a fuck!
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