Monday, 18/08

Crossfire | 11:16
unKnights won the Go4Crossfire Cup #83 and 150 EURYesterday unKnights managed to beat bn.kaspR in the finals of the Go4Crossfire Cup #83 with 10:3 on Port and they are now the second winner of a weekly tournament in the Go4Crossfire Series in season 3. REDEYES Hawks only got the third place in last weeks competition. Congratulations to the Top 4.

Wednesday, 13/08

Crossfire | 10:13
250 EUR on the line on Sunday's Go4Crossfire Cup #83On August 17th the Go4Crossfire Cup #83 starts at 15:00 CEST with a prize pot of 250 EUR. Will we see a new winner or can REDEYES Hawks with their 7th tournament in a row? Sign up for Sunday's cup and show the Crossfire Europe community your skills! Good luck and have fun to all teams and players.

Monday, 11/08

Crossfire | 10:19
Go4Crossfire - REDEYES Hawks did it the 6th time in a rowNow after six wins in six Go4Crossfire Cups we are really looking forward to see when they can be stopped or if they keep dominating the Crossfire Europe scene. Congratulations to REDEYES Hawks for their impressive performance in the Go4Crossfire Series so far and good luck in the upcoming tournaments.

Wednesday, 06/08

Crossfire | 15:18
Go4Crossfire - Which team can stop REDEYES Hawks?On Sunday the Go4Crossfire Series will continue with Cup #82 and 250 EUR prize money for the best teams. Will REDEYES Hawks win their six cup in a row in Season 3 or can we see another team beat them on August 10th? If you think you can beat them, get ready and sign up for Sunday's Go4 cup.
Crossfire | 10:13
The 1,000 EUR Go4Crossfire Monthly Final JulyOn Tuesday the first Monthly Final of the season is happening with a prize pot of 1,000 EUR! The best eight teams from July will be competing against each other to see which team is the best one in Crossfire Europe in July. We are looking forward to some awesome matches and make sure to check back on Tuesday.

Monday, 04/08

Crossfire | 11:00
REDEYES Hawks with their 5th Go4Crossfire in a rowWith the fifth win in the row REDEYES Hawks are dominating the Go4Crossfire Series. The second place went to Supremacy! after a 10:7 loss on Port. In the third place match Dragon Wave eSports won against eSports with 10:5. Congratulations to our Top 4 and good luck in the upcoming tournaments.

Thursday, 31/07

Crossfire | 00:16
Crossfire Summer Cup 2014 - WinnersSitting on a chair near the pool, drinking a fresh cola with a perfect hot weather. Well, it's summer and time to announce the winners of our seasonal league! After a groupstage with 28 teams, 16 went to Playoffs to dispute the 3 awarded final spots.

Wednesday, 30/07

Crossfire | 11:38
Go4Crossfire with 2,250 EUR prize money in AugustIn August we will have a prize pot of 2,250 EUR for the Go4Crossfire Series and we will have five new chances for all teams to qualify for the 1,000 EUR Monthly Final. We wish all Crossfire Europe players and teams the best of luck and have fun playing in the ESL.

Monday, 28/07

Crossfire | 10:36
Go4Crossfire - REDEYES Hawks did it again!After the launch of the Go4Crossfire Series Season 3 we have only had one winner called REDEYES Hawks. They have beaten unKnights in the final of Cup #80 with 16:14 on Mexico. Supremacy! managed to get the victory over LeiSuRe in the match for third place with 10:7. Congratulations to all four teams and good luck in the Monthly Final July.

Friday, 25/07

Crossfire | 10:30
CROSSFIRE STARS 2014 with $220,000 USD prize moneyWe are proud to announce the qualifications for the CFS 2014 tournament with $220,000 USD prize money. You can qualify for this epic tournament through the Go4Crossfire Series in August and September. In four cups your team can earn ranking points towards the CFS 2014 EUROPE NATIONAL FINAL, where the best team gets the slot to fly to the Korea for the CFS 2014 GRAND FINAL.

Thursday, 24/07

Crossfire | 19:45
Crossfire Summer Cup 2014 - PlayoffsThe group stage of our Summer Cup is already done and we already know the qualified teams for the playoffs! After some good matches during the group stage, it's time now to announce the qualified teams and their next opponents in the phase that follows. Confirm all the qualified teams below.
Crossfire | 11:30
Go4Crossfire #80 with a 250 EUR prize potThe Go4Crossfire Cup #80 starts on July 27th at 15:00 CEST with a prize pot of 250 EUR. Can your team grab the first place and therefore the 150 EUR? You can also collect some Go4 ranking points towards the 1,000 EUR Monthly Final July. We wish all Crossfire Europe teams the best of luck and have fun competing in the tournament.

Monday, 21/07

Crossfire | 10:40
Go4Crossfire - REDEYES Hawks continue their winning streakIn our final of the Go4Crossfire Cup #79 on Sub Base REDEYES Hawks managed to win their third cup in a row. This time they won against Awsomniac with 12:9. Congratulations to the Top 4 from yesterday's cup and good luck in the upcoming tournaments.

Friday, 18/07

Crossfire | 16:55
Country Championship 2014 - Team CaptainsThe third Country Championship is taking place this Summer. Differing from last year's edition, we will have an exact schedule marked for middle August. We are now announcing the Team Captains for this year's edition, and opening applications for Countries without one.

Wednesday, 16/07

Crossfire | 15:19
Go4Crossfire #79 - Two chances left in JulyYou have only two chances left to compete in the 1,000 Euro Monthly Final. Sign up for next Sunday and compete in the Go4Crossfire #79. This cup has a prize pot of 250 Euro and you can earn some Go4 ranking points for the Monthly Final. We wish all players and teams good luck in the upcoming tournament.

Saturday, 12/07

Crossfire | 04:57
Ruleset UpdateIn this news we will be covering a few rule updates regarding weapons (which we originally made polls for), game breaks, rejoins and some other stuff. We will also explain our thought process behind some of these updates.

Wednesday, 09/07

Crossfire | 10:03
Go4Crossfire - Second chance in July with 250 EUR prize moneyThe Go4Crossfire Cup #78 starts on July 13th at 15:00 CEST with a prize pot of 250 EUR and the second chance in July to earn some Go4 ranking points towards the 1,000 EUR Monthly Final. Good luck to all Crossfire Europe teams and have fun playing on the ESL.

Monday, 07/07

Crossfire | 10:29
Our first Go4Crossfire winner in season 3 is REDEYES HawksIn our first cup of the third Go4Crossfire season we had REDEYES Hawks vs. Supremacy! in our Grand Final and REDEYES Hawks won with 10:3 on Port. In our match for third place Kaa-Ka got the victory over IceNine and secured themselves 40 points towards the 1,000 EUR Monthly Final July.

Sunday, 06/07

Crossfire | 21:54
Country Championship 2014 - AnnouncementThe third Country Championship is taking place this Summer. Differing from last year's edition, we will have an exact schedule marked for middle August, as soon as all teams are ready to compete. The Country Championship will start with Group stage and end with Playoffs. Depending on the number of teams, we predict 4 countries in each group.

Wednesday, 02/07

Crossfire | 11:26
2,000 EUR prize money in Go4Crossfire in JulyOn Sunday the Go4Crossfire Series returns with its third season and a prize pot of 2,000 EUR in July. You and your team will compete for 250 EUR prize money on July 06th, so get ready and sign up now. We wish all teams and players the best of luck and have fun playing in Crossfire Europe in the ESL.

Tuesday, 01/07

Crossfire | 14:36
VERSUS Spring Season - ResultsThe VERSUS Spring Season awards are distributed now and in this news we will tell you which players are the Top VERSUS players from the last season. We present the Winners, the MVPs, the Most Matches Champions and the Fair play winner of each game. We congratulate all award winners and we are excited to see who will rock the VERSUS Summer Season.

Monday, 30/06

Crossfire | 23:47
King of Aim Series - WinnersAfter five intense cups, King of Aim has reached it's end. Although it did not run as expected, and a few players were disqualified, the playoffs run smoothly. Winners are announced below, and we want your feedback for the next editions, post it in the forum!
Crossfire | 23:26
Summer Cup 2014 - AnnouncementWith the arrival of summer, we started the Summer Series 2014. Bring your team and demonstrate to the rest of the community that you are superior! We decided to bring something to match the World Cup, so get ready to score as many goals as you can!

Thursday, 26/06

Crossfire | 10:02
Go4Crossfire is back with 12,500 EUR prize moneyTogether with Smilegate Europe we are proud to announce the third Go4Crossfire season with a prize pot of 12,500 EUR. The season will go until the end of the year, which mean we will have up to 2,250 EUR prize money per month. In July we will start with the first tournament of the new season.

Saturday, 14/06

Crossfire | 17:24
Desert Eagle Blue Crystal is now allowed!Do you still remember the poll about the Desert Eagle Blue Crystal? Yes? Then refer to the result of the same on the information below!

Thursday, 12/06

Crossfire | 21:48
King of Aim Series FinalsOne of the most requested tournaments by the community, but didn't reach much expectations. Although there's still one step ahead on this series, the Grand Final !

Monday, 19/05

Crossfire | 16:34
Crossfire Spring League 2014 - WinnersAfter four qualifiers, a groupstage and playoffs finally it's time to announce the big winners of this tournament. On this cup we will be awarding Premium Prizes to the top three teams.

Sunday, 18/05

Crossfire | 02:49
ESL Series - Spring Season WinnersIt's time to close the Spring and move on to the Summer Season. But before we do that we need to announce the winners from the last Season. Here they are!

Monday, 12/05

Crossfire | 18:34
Crossfire Admins Wanted!When did we give you any opportunity to try some more responsible tasks in your favourite game? This time you can change that game with your own skills. It doesn't matter, if you wrote application before and it was rejected, because now we offer you a few tasks, which you will be able to handle. In this fact, please note in your application, where you would like to be!
Crossfire | 01:35
King of Aim Series is back!Do you want to show everyone that you have the best AIM of Europe? This is your chance! Sign-up and be ready to face the best players of Europe and win some cool prizes.
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