VERSUS: The Winner of the ROCCAT Challenge
At the beginning of the month we announced the ROCCAT challenge in VERSUS and now it is time to present the winners of the awesome prizes. Everyone, who played at least 20 matches between the 06th and the 20th of February, had the chance to win some prizes. If you want to know who the winners are, just read this news.
Overall we had 154 players, who played at least 20 matches and will join the raffle of the three ROCCAT prizes.

The winners of the ROCCAT challenge

Gin with 54 matches won the ROCCAT Apuri
Anamden with 40 matches won the ROCCAT Arvo
aero with 101 matches won the ROCCAT Isku

The ROCCAT Challenge prizes

Congratulation to all winners and have fun playing Crossfire Europe in the ESL.

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bLackhawk, Thursday, 23/02/12 11:52
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comments (12)
gz Anamden :P

btw. i knew it that there will be 2 germans...
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majma wrote:
gz Anamden :P

btw. i knew it that there will be 2 germans...

sure, why not 3 germans?
Gratz to the winners!
fking wizzzzzzzzzzz fuck him
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupid teammate
JAPATAM wygrałem :))))
Only 2 Germans? ok!
only noobs :o
maybe, but still they are winners :P
i like be neighbour with germany ;p
-NaturaLyy. wrote:
only noobs :o

you suck naturalyy :)

next time beat me in m16 vs m4a1

atleast no porto won, they already took enough money from the EU.
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In 2 years u will get your prizes. Im waiting for 2 months for the opening cup prizes too. LOL
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