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#1 | 11/05/12 23:55

Dear Admin Team of ESL
Dear Assault Cube Friends

As you might know i am the founder of FunDog-TheClan

For a very long time Assault Cube has been inactive on ESL. We want to change that and come back to ESL with our favorite game.

This game deserves to be in ESL because the players in Assault Cube are organized in clans, very skilled and loyal to their game and clans for years

Some significant changes in Assault Cube are noticable :

- the game is very competive

- clans are extremly good organised

- we search the competition and are organizing atm our own game internal Tournaments

- Our referees are following the ESL rules and the matches are at the moment real time distributed with own3D tv

As an example FunDog-TheClan has played in ac more than 1500 rounds in matches during the last year against more than 150 different teams.

You can see every of these rounds here:: http://fd.tc/include.php?path=war

And as a second example, you can view the latest tournament here: http://forum.aftershock-gaming.com/viewforum.php?f=38&am...

The community of Assault Cube would appreciate to come back to ESL because we need the permanent competition.

The Developers are working hard to keep the game very nice. They also added our own anti cheat which detects server sided obvious cheats

I am officially applying here for admin in Assault Cube.

Check our website for further information : http://fd.tc/include.php?path=news&contentid=26

I am experienced and motivated to lead the admin group for a longer period.

Thank you very much and i hope for a good relationship between ESL and Assault Cube

your fundog


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