Happy Birthday Consoles!
Consoles Sport League turns six. On the 16th of May in 2006 our league for console players went online. Since then Consoles grew and established continuously. An ambitious project evolved into the most important league for eSport on consoles in Europe. You are welcome to celebrate with us and enjoy the Consoles birthday specials.


By now it's been six years since Consoles.net launched the league. Thousands of players registered. Up to 10,000 matches are played every month. Regardless of whether ambitious semi-pro oder casual, everybody is welcome at Consoles Sports League.

While Consoles started only in Germany, the league has also popular sections in Spain and France. Of course there is also the EU section for players from all other European countries.

Consoles Birthday Specials

A six-year anniversary has to be celebrated appropriately. Therefore Consoles put a great program together. During the upcoming days they will run several specials. For example there will be a raffle, a gaming night, but also an XP Boost for all matches on Consoles. Check it out:

  • Birthday Raffle
  • VERSUS Race by Bigben
  • Premium Raffle
  • XP Boost
  • Gaming Night
Each birthday special will be announced in a separate news on www.consoles.net.

Speedy, Wednesday, 16/05/12 15:35
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Consoles is bullshit
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