Match Modules

Currently, there are the following calculation modules:

default: Standard calculation. There is two rounds and in each case a valuation is given for each participant. A proportional distribution be given for the scoreand it will be rationalised. With zero scores (e.g. 24-0) and also negative scores, both sides are raised, or lowered, evenly until both sides are in positives ranges (e.g 0:3 will become 1:4, 1:-3 becomes 5:1).

Example: Match A vs B
Round 1: 50:20 (71%:29%)
Round 2: 90:130 (41%:59%)
Total: 112%:88% final result: 56%:44%
Team A win, although team B did win Round 1. Therefore, the final persentage is decreased and Team A will gain less points.

default_noshift: Similar to "default", but the result is not raised with "zero" results. This module is used when there is to be "100% victories" e.g. (e.g. 2:0, 2:1).

winloss: Two Rounds are played, but for each round only a "victory" or "defeat" is registered (100%, and/or 0% victory). Both rounds are then added together, so that the end result canonly be 100%:0%, 50%:50% or 0%:100%.

BestOfThree: Apart from the two normal rounds, there is an optional third round, which is played, if the first two rounds were drawn. Therefore, there is always a match winner.

tfc: Like "default", only with "zero" results +10 added on both sides.

cs: (CO Rules) Similar to "default", only in each case the Attacker's points (Terrorist wins on de_maps or Counter-Terrorists on cs_maps) are counted. The Defender's points are irrelevant for the calculation and are there fore statistic purposes only.

oneround: The same as "default" except only one round is played instead of two.

oneround_winloss: The mixture out "winloss" and "oneround." One round is played, in which there can only be a winner and a loser.

oneround_noshift: The mixture out "oneround" and "default_noshift." One round is played, in which "zero" scores will not raise the point score.

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