The Spring Season 2012 - Cup #3
Half of the cups are played and that means half of the points are gone already. Get ready for cup #3, to fight for last points and to make it to the finals to play for an exclusive Award for your team, as well as free ESL Premium. Certainly we have the curren standings for you aswell in this news.

S&D 3on3 HC Spring Season 2012 - QR #3

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(Check-in: 18:30 - 18:40 CET)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Be there on time to make sure you do not miss out!
Sign up until 19:00 CET
Date: Sunday, 8th April
Start: 19:00 CET
Size: 16 Slots
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps: see here
Mode: 1 Map, 5 Wins
Screenshots: Upload after your match
Allowed Equipment: see News
MOSS is mandatory

Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter your Combat Arms Nickname (e.g. kenobi)
Fill in your profile
Click the sign up link!
Download ESL Wire and configure it!

Mode & Rules

• 3on3 Search & Destroy
• Single Elimination
• 1 map (map elimination), 5 wins
• 3 rounds for overround (Alpha & Bravo)

Customizations & Abilities

All customizable weapons have to be screened at first round of every match! In addition, Abbilities have to be turned on in room settings and every player has to unequip his abilities!

Current standings

Ranking Points Team
175 Raven Squad
  175 Team Def
100 BredoK und Freunde
85 1
4th 50 ESL Europe 3on3
5th 40 Legion.B 3v3
6th 35 Team R3
  35 Turtle.eSport Smite
  35 Team TacTiX
  35 The White Panda
7th 25 Team.Lag
8th 20 TimeToDie ?
  20 European All-Stars
9th 10 The Nords
  10 Matka Cpie Ze Wiesz?
  10 Prophecy Team
  10 Pinki , Mozg i Bielik nup
  10 teamwod.de BO2
  10 -MiSzcZE-


In order to avoid any problems like in the past, each team has to confirm the match immediately or open a protest immediately. We have no time during these cups for bad looser who do not accept a loose and go offline without confirming the result. In addition, such behaviour can result in disqualification as well!

Equipment Rules

Frühlingscup 2012 - Waffen & Equipment Regeln
Assault Rifles
M16A3 M4A1 MK16 SCAR-L AK-47
Sub Machine Guns
Mac-10 Scorpion  
Sniper Rifles
L96A1 L96A1 LE M24 Dragunov SVD
Machine Guns
M92FS G23 M1911 MEU M1911 Knights
P226 P226 Silver USP Desert Eagle
Support Weapons
M67 Frag M18 Smoke XM84 Flash
Body & Head Equipment
Black Cap Aviator Glasses Sport Shades Light Vest
Arctic Came Urban Camo Desert Camo Light Vest
S1 Suppressor Extended Magazine 1 Custom Reticles
Male base only no Mercenaries no Specialists

Your Admin-Team

kensen, Thursday, 19/04/12 23:39
comments (10)
Lets go again!
Only 7 teams yet? GOGOGO :)
gg kenobi
Dustybowl won't play this cup, good luck guys :)
We wont be playing either due to some members busy these days, gl however.
not 16 teams this cup...
Gogogog :)
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