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These are the rules for the Combat Arms One Man Army 1on1 Ladder. We make every effort to ensure the rules are complete and up to date but this may not always be the case. You should also check the Rules & Information and News for additions, exceptions and modifications that may apply. All players must meet the requirements listed in the Rules & Information at the time the match is scheduled to begin. The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. If you have any questions about the rules, please write a support ticket.

1. General

The following rules, as well the linked FAQs apply to the specific Combat Arms league.

1.1. Challenging

In a ladder any participant may challenge any other, no matter if in the ranking or from the newcomer pool. A challenger from the Newcomer Pool will be considered as the last place in the ranking plus one. Furthermore, matches between the same two opponents are only allowed within a specific timerange, which can vary from ladder to ladder.

Participants that have more than 5 outstanding challenges in a ladder, no matter if the matches are confirmed or not, may not take on any further challenges. This is scripted into the ESL system and cannot be changed.

1.1.1. Normal compulsory challenges

If a participant is within 20 places above the challenging participants, it is called a normal compulsory challenge.

1.1.2. Intense compulsory challenges

If both participants are in the top 10, then it is called an intense compulsory challenges.

1.2. No show

If your opponent does not show after 20 minutes, you must enter the result as your opponent did not appear in time. Do not enter a default win for yourself.

In Instant Challenger matches the no show time is 10 minutes.

1.3. Results

Both participants are responsible to enter the correct result. If anything is unclear, participants should have screenshots available to verify the result and file a protest.

2. Matchmedias

All match media are as original 14 days after the protest period or until the full execution of the protest to be stored and uploaded to the demand of an Admin. The Wire Anti-Cheat files and screenshots have to be uploaded immediately without prompting. Any manipulation of the files is prohibited. All files must be uploaded to the ESL page, an upload to any external FTP is not allowed.

2.1. Screenshots

A screenshot of the scoreboard at the end of each half must be taken and uploaded to the match page within 24 hours. Both participants are responsible for taking screenshots during the game. Please see also the Matchmedia FAQ.

3. Settings

These settings are mandatory for each match. However, it is not possible to change these settings, even if the opponent agrees.

3.1. Wire Anti-Cheat

The use of Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all players for the full duration of all matches without exception. If a player can not use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat, then he is not allowed to take part in a match.

If the website is down, making the use of Wire Anti-Cheat impossible, the match must be postponed.

3.2. MOSS

Using MOSS is mandatory during all matches in Combat Arms section. It can be downloaded from nohope.eu/ website. Before you start a game, be sure that you are using the latest version of MOSS and it's working correctly. If you have any problems with MOSS, always open a ticket and wait for reply before you start playing.

MOSS files has to be uploaded to match page after the game by all contestants of a match. Missing MOSS files may lead to penalty or disqualification!

3.3. Illegal programmes

Changes on the game graphics and/or textures with graphic card drivers, other tools to change the graphicconfiguration or such programs are forbidden. Basically, all programs which don't influence the game are allowed (e.g. voice tools). However, any software influencing the bandwidth and which is not necessary during the game has to be turned off (any Web browser, MSN Messenger, ICQ, cfos, Skype, etc.). Any programs that change the game itself are forbidden (e.g. cheats).

4. Match Rules

4.1. Gameaccount

The gameaccount, that has to be inserted into player's profile, is the nickname showed in game. In order to allow each player taking part to available competitions, a Combat Arms Game Account is needed. The gameaccount can be entered in the profile settings by clicking on Gameaccounts (SteamID, ...) (direct link).

Please see also the Gameaccount FAQ.

4.2. Player drops

If a player drops before the first kill has been made in the first round, the match will be restarted. If a player drops after the first kill has been made, the team has to write "disconnect" into the matchchat and take a screenshot. The server will be paused at the end of the current round by leaving the room.

The waiting time for a dropped player is 10 minutes. If the player or a substitute rejoins the server and both teams are ready, the game can be resumed.

If the player, or a substitute player does not connect within that time, the match will be handled the following ways:

  • 2on2 Ladder: The match can not be continued, as it has to be played 2on2 only. A protest must be opened.
  • 3on3 Ladder: The match can not be continued, as it has to be played 3on3 only. A protest must be opened.
  • 4on4 Ladder: If the player, or a substitute player does not connect within the provided time then the match is continued 3on4, or 3on3 if the opposing team agrees.
  • 5on5 Ladder: If the player, or a substitute player does not connect within the provided time then the match is continued 4on5, or 4on4 if the opposing team agrees.

4.3. Arrangements

Certain arrangements between the teams/players are allowed. These arrangements may slightly differ from the ESL rules. Arrangements that differ greatly from the set of rules are however not allowed. Please note that the ESL rules were made to guarantee the same advantages/disadvantages for all teams. You are not allowed to file a protest after the match if you think that the agreements made before the match in the end resulted in a disadvantage for you or your team.

Rules that can be changed by agreements are to be found in the game specific (*) rules. Should this not be the case then you are not allowed to agree on changes.

All arrangements between teams in addition to the ESL rules have to be written down in the match comments. The other team has to confirm those arrangements in the comments. To avoid an abuse of the edit function, a third comment has to be written.

Please do also keep screenshots and/or logfiles of your arrangements. If you do not fulfil these restrictions, any protests or supports concerning those arrangements will be rejected.

The following rules may never be changed by arrangement:

  • Entering results for matches that have not been played
  • Allowing players to play that are barred because of penalty points, or are barred in the league due to a ban
  • Allowing players to play that in leagues with premium requirement that are barred for not having Premium

Following arrangements need the agreement of both participants:

  • Change of map, after the map has been entered
  • Use of unallowed equipment (it has to be written down clearly, what is allowed)

Such an agreement can not be a condition in order to play a match.

4.4. Server settings

  • Kill Cam: Off
  • Friendly Fire: On
  • Join in Progress: On
  • Abilities: Off

4.5. Game modus

You play one map until one player has reached 15 kills first.

4.6. Teamsize

Matches must be played 1on1. If either side is missing a player, the match counts as a no show.

4.7. OMA 1on1 Ladder

These are the specific One Man Army 1on1 Ladder rules. Global rules apply as well.

4.7.1. Settings

The following settings are mandatory in this ladder.

  • Team Size: 1on1
  • Game Mode: One Man Army
  • Match Mode: 1 map of 15 kills
  • Backpack: Off
  • No Specialists
  • No Mercenaries

4.7.2. Equipment

The only equipment allowed to use within this ladder is the equipment listed below. The use of unallowed equipment will lead to penalty points and an Admin will decide, if the match can be considered as valid or not.

Standard Ladder Equipment
Assault Rifles (1st Slot)
M16A3 M4A1 M4A1 Desert Warrior AK-47
AK-47 Gold-Plated AK-74U G36E G36E LE
G36E Valkyrie* MK16 SCAR-L SCAR-L Black SCAR-L Trispear*
SG550 M416 L85A1 TAR-21
ACR CX4 Storm  
Sub Machine Guns (1st Slot)
K7 P90 MP7 Mac-10
PP-19 Scorpion  
Sniper Rifles (1st Slot)
M24 M24 Woodland SR-25 L96A1
L96A1 LE PSG-1 MSG-90 
Pistols (2nd Slot)
M92FS M92FS SE K5 M1911 MEU
M1911 Knights G18 G23 G23 SE
P226* USP Anaconda Black Anaconda Silver
Desert Eagle Desert Eagle SE M14 
Knives (3rd Slot)
M9 Sickle G.I. Showel Kukri
M11 Tactical Knife Bowie Knife Tomahawk Machete
Support Weapons (4th Slot)
M67 Frag 
Weapon Modification
S1 Suppressor S2 Suppressor S3 Suppressor ACOG TA1
ACOG TA3 Extended Magazine I Custom Reticle Type 1 Custom Reticle Type 2
Custom Reticle Type 3 Custom Reticle Type 4  
Body & Head Equipment
Black Beret Red Beret Combat Beanie Combat Helmet
Comm Cap MICH Tactical Helmet Aviator Glasses
Sport Shades Goggles Urban Camo Desert Camo
Arctic Camo Woodland Camo Tiger Stripe Camo Flecktarn Camo
Light Vest Boonie Hat* Patriot Cap* ROKMC Hat*
Green Beret I-Pop Hat Black Cap Military Bandana
Blackmarket (NX) Item
Any Professional or Veteran version of listed weapons is allowed!

4.7.3. Result

During OMA matches it could happen that players accidentally kill themselves because of a bad fall or a barrel explosion and thus final results would score a different kill/death rate (suicide is detected by a difference beetween opponent kills and player deaths). Unfortunately, very often, players abuse of these suicides in order to gain advantages within the match.

ESL doesn't allow this kind of in-game behaviour. For this reason, should an abnormal gameplay be detected, final score will be assessed according to screen's results: if a player abused of self kills, his deaths will be considered as his opponent's kills.

Below there have been provided two examples:

Example 1 - Correct Gameplay:
Player A K/D 15 : 12
Player B K/D 12 : 15
Result: 15 : 12 for Player A
Example 2 - Abnormal Gameplay
Player A K/D 15 :18
Player B K/D 12 : 15
Result: 18 : 15 for Player B

4.8. Illegal Actions

Any actions that result in an unfair advantage are illegal. This includes bug using of any kind and the following actions.

If you do have questions about legal/illegal positions, please write a support ticket (subject: Map bugs).

4.8.1. Abortion of a match

If your opponent should deliberately leave during a match, you must make a protest. You must not enter a result yourself. This may be penalized as entering a fake result. Should the game have advanced to a point at which an evaluation of the result is possible, a win may be granted to the remaining team. The decision whether a match can be evaluated or not is in each case decided by the responsible Admin.

4.8.2. Fakers/Ringers

A ringer is a player, who is playing a match for another player. In special cases there may be barrages up to four weeks. Fakes are matches which haven't been played correctly (e.g. a match has been lost on purpose to gain the opponent more points). Such actions are illegal and will lead to penalties.

4.8.3. Cheating

The use of any cheat is illegal (please see rule 2.3. Cheating).

4.8.4. Bugs

The use of any bug is illegal.

4.9. Trouble shooting / protest procedures

As a basic rule, every game is played through to the end. Should problems occur, these must be announced clearly by one of the players by calling “Protest”. As soon as the match is over, the protest form must be filled in on the website. The admins will then check the case with the help of the form and impose a penalty if necessary.

A protest must be handed in within 72 hours after the beginning of a match. A protest must be made using the protest form. It is not possible to use the support form. The opposing team then has 72 hours in which it may comment on the accusations made against it. An additional request by the admin is not necessary, as the notification occurs automatically.

The codes of conduct must also be kept to in case of a protest. Verbal misconduct or abuse in any form can be punished with penalty points.

If no response is received within the 72 hours period allowed, the team forfeits it’s right and the admin alone must decide according to the available data and facts.

5. Penalty points

Rule violationNumber of penalty points
No showPlayer: 2; Team: 3
Reject compulsory challengeNormal: 1
Intense (Top 10): 2
Use of ineligible player
BarragedPlayer / Team: 6
Unregistered playerPlayer / Team: 3
Ringer/FakerPlayer / Team: 6
Playing with wrong gameaccountPlayer / Team: 3 - 6
Playing without a registered gameaccountPlayer / Team: 3
Wrong EquipmentPlayer: 3; Team: 2
Missing declaration of sniperPlayer / Team: 1
Custom filesPlayer: 3; Team: 2
Wrong serversettingsPlayer / Team: 1
Missing ESL Wire Anti-Cheat filePlayer: 3; Team: 2
Missing Linesman filePlayer: 2; Team: 1
Missing, incomplete ScreenshotsPlayer / Team: 1
Missing matchmedia with cheat suspicionPlayer / Team: 6
Faked MatchmediaPlayer / Team: 6
Unsportsmanlike behaviour
BugusePlayer / Team: 2 - 6
Kick of playersPlayer / Team: 4
Abortion of a matchPlayer / Team: 4
Other deceptionsPlayer / Team: 1 - 4
FakematchPlayer / Team: 6
Faking resultPlayer / Team: 4
Illegal SoftwarePlayer / Team: 4
CheatingPlayer: 12; Team: 6
In general, a player can receive up to 6 penalty points, and a team up to 4 penalty points per match, unless a single violation has a higher punishment.
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