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vs. iBerSe
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Status: closed
MatchID 21221810
Date Saturday, 22/01/11 18:00
Calculated 22/01/11 18:35
map Junk Flea
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Result Media 
15 : 14
 wins !
Points +26 : -26
22/01/11 18:30
uploaded with ESL Wire Combat-Arms_33.jpg*
359 kB, 22/01/11 18:30, by FaithSFX
* No longer available
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comments (17)
ì really hope that omicron wins..
Take this m416 noob down ! :D
If i lose, GG. If i Win, GG.

No matter what, he gonna still MY BRO! XDD
oMi got all my trust fot everything, so i know and i hope it gonna be an awsome match.
And for u nabbo, just shut the "fu*k" up nap. I tolled all of u why i was using the m416, and if it is alowed why not to use it?
Lammer kid...
Accept the challenge that i've made days ago, i'm still waiting for the match...
Charlie | channel 7 | room 82 | pw: 5656

GL & Hf <33
lol gg
OMI :(((((

The greatest fking match i've ever played in this shit!! xDD

Love that last single head shot FTW :)
Slinky dont get high now in my opinion it was lucky win :D:D

And i think Omi had a bad day :D:D
L0L, i just get high in matter of the great match it was for booth, cuz oMi played very very well :)

I hope in 7days, we can make a rematch ^^
Yes re!!! i want!! =) jajaja
N4bb0- wrote:
ì really hope that omicron wins..
Take this m416 noob down ! :D

Speaks the guy that won against Forthako with a p90tr! roflmao. How lame is that?
Awsome win bro :) keep active and showing them that wasn't luck. gg
yes all in all it was a good game, and looking forward to the re match ;D
+1 snorlax :D
goodjob u played with g36 faith :) now i've got more respect for you instead of that lamer weap m416
Bro, i toled everyone and everyone knoes, i always play with g36 valk. I toled u also that i was playing with m416 cuz a big friend gifted it to me and if it's alowed, why not to play with?

But don't worry, i'm gonna play always with g36^^
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