scratz vs. VALN3R
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 58.  7.

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MatchID 13924425
Date Monday, 25/05/09 20:00
Calculated 25/05/09 23:09
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Junk Flea 8 : 15
Junk Flea 7 : 15
VALN3R wins !
Points 0 : +3
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You have 4 days each turn to play the challenge. Should no agreements be taken within available time, match will be forced the day before the beginning of second turn, that is, on Thursday 28th May, at 20:00 CET.

Admin Team remembers that, for this Cup, Equality anti-cheat tool has been set as mandatory. Therefore, by joining the competition, all players automatically agreed on playing exclusively with Equality started. Should the tool not be run, losing player could request the match repeating.
you can play 21?
no we play 19 ok?
i have to work :s
im finish 19 in portugal.
ok lets play 20:15?
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now u can play?
yes^^ad me ingame

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