VERSUS goes Crazy on Sunday
When 'VERSUS goes crazy' on Sunday hits ESL once again, we will have a lot of planned events as well as prizes for you. We are looking forward to welcome you this Sunday. Check out our pretty cool events for Sunday and win some awesome prizes for playing on the fifth VSGC.

What is VERSUS?

VERSUS is the new matchmaking system of ESL. With just a few clicks you can find new friends and opponents to compete with and play against. A new individual ranking will keep track of your wins and losses. Less rules, less clicks, more matches and fun for all! You will find more information on our VERSUS portal.

VERSUS goes crazy

For this Sunday, June 10th, we have some pretty cool events for our matchmaking system VERSUS. More games, more modes, more rankings and a premium raffle, cool prizes, XP boost, a special award and much more are waiting for you. Together with you we will get the system to go crazy, a real stress test for the whole system. Here are our events:

XP Boost

Every match you play contributes to your ESL level, including our newest matchmaking system VERSUS. Every single VERSUS you play gives you 100 XP whether you won, lost or draw. This Sunday you will get double, so you earn 200 XP per match you play. Take this chance to boost your ESL Level!


Prize raffles this Sunday

Among all ESL Premium members who play 10 or more matches on Sunday (between 00:00am and midnight CET), we will raffle three ROCCAT Isku worth 210 Euro.

All other players will still be eligible for some other prizes. Depending on the number of matches and your ESL Premium status, you could win a gaming headset, ESL TV Premium and ESL Premium. Take a look:

1+ Match: One of 50 Premium Keys for 1 month
5+ Matches: One of 5 ESL TV Premium Keys for 6 months
5+ Matches with Premium: One of 5 ROCCAT Sota
10+ Matches with Premium: One of three ROCCAT Isku

If you are playing 10 or more matches as a Premium member, you will participate in all raffles and have a shot to win ESL and ESL TV Premium as well as a ROCCAT Sota and ROCCAT Isku.

Additionally, we will give away ESL and ESL TV Premium Keys and a surprise prizes in the upcoming "ticker" news on Sunday, telling you the action going on as it happens. Good luck and have fun!

VSGC events

Admin VS. User

You always wanted the chance to take on the admins in-game? This is your opportunity and these admins among others will participate:


VSGC Special Award

Special Award

Try to get the VERSUS goes crazy Award. What you have to do? Reach one of the following restrictions. Here is the list:

Who will get a VERSUS goes crazy Award?

  • The player with most matches in a game on the 3rd most voted map
  • The player with most matches in a game without any wrong results and reportings by other players.
  • The player who played matches with the highest amount of different other players
  • The player on rank 1337 of the overall ranking of all games at random times
  • The player with matches in the highest amount of game modes
  • The player who has played with the highest amount of players from different countries
  • The player who played the most matches against parties
  • The player who played in parties with the highest number of players
  • The player who earned the most Daily Bonuses
  • The player with ... no, this will be announced later ;)
If there are players who have the same amount of one of our restrictions, all of them will get the award. Furthermore we give some awards to special players we choose. e.g. for another outstanding performance or he earned it because of another special move.

We hope you will enjoy our planned events, the award restrictions as well as the prizes you can win. Good luck and have fun and watch out for our VERSUS goes crazy Ticker News on Sunday!

"VERSUS goes crazy", get ready!

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Shoot you soon :)
Good luck for everyone ;)
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If not enough players are online or not matching your skill level, of course the system needs a while to find a match for you. Get your friends join VERSUS, advertise it as much as possible and with more players using VERSUS the wating time decreases significantly.
You don't understand that this game is dead.
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