Thursday, 25/09

Combat Arms | 08:12
Section is Closedafter almost 6 years, we are sad to announce the close of combatarms section.

Friday, 04/07

Combat Arms | 22:18
Combat Arms 3on3 Summer Cup 2014Summer has arrived, and now it's time to find out which team can stay calm during these hot days! 3on3 CTF cup with Go4CA rules gives more players a chance to participate in our cups!
Combat Arms | 00:40
Combat Arms 1on1 Summer League 2014Before taking part in our 3on3 CTF cup you can warmup in our 1on1 OMA cup -series! Get your aim and guns ready to beat the top players of the EU!

Saturday, 24/05

Combat Arms | 14:22
Combat Arms 5on5 Spring 2014 Cup-FinalAfter 2 weeks of intense fighting under the upcoming burning sun, we finally have our winners of the Combat Arms 2014 Spring Cup! Inception eSports fought theirselves to the 3rd place by defeating 31337gaming in the semi-finals! n!faculty fought their way to the final where they had to bow for such a great performing team in this cup: myRevenge e.V. They can call themselves the Combat Arms 5on5 Spring 2014 Champions! Congratulations to our three winners!
Combat Arms | 11:14
Combat Arms 1on1 Spring Cup Finalhe finally made it ! SinoptiC is really "One Man Army", while BombBlnK was just "One man Division". Sol1tary reached 3rd Podium Step

Tuesday, 15/04

Combat Arms | 20:09
Combat Arms 3on3 Easter CupWhat could be easter for a FPS game ? Let's say: try to get scrambles eggs from opponent head ! Join the event but there is no chocolate to win ! back to serious things, this hunt is 3on3 teams , fighting for opponents rabbits to get some fancy Nexon easter items and ESL award Join it and get fun !

Monday, 07/04

Combat Arms | 17:22
Combat Arms 5on5 Spring  CupThe Spring is here and it's time for a new Season Cup. Together with the support by Nexon we are having some exciting prizes, check out the prizes and awards tab! This time it will be held with a 5on5 Search & Destroy cup, read the news for more information.

Sunday, 06/04

Combat Arms | 14:18
Combat Arms 1on1 Spring CupThe Spring Cup has been a tradition since the early days of Combat Arms in the ESL. This time we're going with next OMA cup, with huge prizes from Nexon.

Tuesday, 18/03

Combat Arms | 23:50
Combat Arms 5on5 Winter Cup-FinalSome weeks ago we announced our Combat Arms 5on5 Winter League 2014. Even without the go4 motivation we get many team fighting in 4 qualifiers Cups.

Saturday, 01/03

Combat Arms | 14:42
Combat Arms 5on5 Winter CupNow it's time to find the best of the best among the 8 remaining teams. MostTalentedPlayers and PENTA Sports start favorites of their match for this 1st round, while the 2 others games look like a bit more open.

Friday, 28/02

Combat Arms | 20:06
Winter 1on1  2014 Cup - FinalAt the end of coldest season cup, the remaining non frozen players finally get the heat from their guns to find who will get the winter cup award. a clear but not that easy victory for extremes is the final word

Friday, 21/02

Combat Arms | 17:07
Winter Cup 2014 Qualifier #4After 3 successful cups we are heading to our 4th and last qualifier! It's your last chance to play your way to the Winter Series Cup Final! On finals we are having enormous prizes for the top 3 teams!

Sunday, 19/01

Combat Arms | 22:23
Combat Arms 1on1  Winter Cup 2014Prepare your aim and headset for our OMA cup with glorious prizes! Last OMA cup was won by Extremes and now its your time to shine in Go4CA rules!

Saturday, 18/01

Combat Arms | 14:40
Combat Arms 5on5 Winter Cup seriesAfter succesful Capture the flag tournament we are now going to get back on Go4CA style! 4 qualifying cups and a Winter Series Cup Final! Get your team ready and fight for amazing prizes!

Tuesday, 07/01

Combat Arms | 21:10
MostTalentedPlayers won the Autumn CTF Cup 2013This year autumn season cup was about getting back a flag to home. Among all teams which attempted to get the most flags , Most Talented Players get the best over Team jEWE
Combat Arms | 20:00
Autumn 1on1 Cup - FinalHey guys it is time for the result of our last competition! In this Autumn cup we had some exciting matches, all of the top 3 deserves their places and they can be considered the best 3 players in 1on1 Autumn Cup. Try to beat them in the next cup!

Monday, 23/12

Combat Arms | 23:24
Admins WantedHey guys, when did we give you any opportunity to try some more responsible tasks in your favourite game? This time you can change that game with your own skills. It doesn't matter, if you wrote application before and it was rejected, because now we offer you a few tasks, which you will be able to handle. In this fact, please note in your application, where you would like to be!

Friday, 20/12

Combat Arms | 22:25
Combat Arms 5on5 X-MAS CupChristmas is coming! Therefore we are going to host a special X-mas cup for you guys! Once again everyone has a chance to challenge all the best teams of Europe, this time on 5on5 SnD cup! Get ready and take part in the new Christmas cup with your team or all by yourself!

Friday, 13/12

Combat Arms | 14:19
Go4CA Grand Finals - An impressive recapLast Saturday the Go4CA eSports Season 2013 came to its conclusion when the four best teams of the year competed for a combined prize pool of €30,000. Some technical difficulties were experienced at the beginning of the show, which ended at 22:00 CET when the winners were crowned. Congratulations again to winners, 31337gaming, for their awesome performance throughout the year and at the Grand Finals.

Monday, 09/12

Combat Arms | 15:35
Winning the Arms Race: What's in Store for Combat Arms in 2014During the 2013 Go4Combat Arms grand final here in Cologne, we sat down with Product Manager of Nexon Kyle Lee and Damian Baran to talk about what's in store for Combat Arms in the new year. Throughout 2013, the 27 men­ strong Combat Arms development team has introduced a number of new maps, modes and items to the game, while also working to resolve issues such as bugs, instabilities and lag.

Friday, 06/12

Combat Arms | 17:26
Go4CA Grand Finals: Congratulations to 31337gaming!Enough of the talking: Saturday will bear witness to the top 4 teams in Combat Arms battling it out one final time this year. The Grand Finals event will crown one team as the best Go4 team of 2013 and share out the €30,000 prize pot. But who will it be? Tune in to ESL TV starting at 14:30 CET and find out!

Wednesday, 04/12

Combat Arms | 16:42
Go4CA Grand Finals this Saturday: All you need to knowThis Saturday the current season of Go4CA will see its end with the Grand Finals in Cologne, Germany. A total prize pot of €30,000 is on the line for the four Go4 teams that have performed best throughout the year. Who will take the title after the last of Saturday's matches are over? Enjoy an action-packed day with six games showcasing this year's best Combat Arms teams in action!

Tuesday, 03/12

Combat Arms | 13:04
Go4CA Grand Final - Interview with 31337gaming31337gaming is the fourth team in our interview series and it is our Polish one. Now all teams have made their goals clear and we are looking forward to see which team will be the winner of the Grand Final on December 7th and then also take a huge part of the €30,000 prize money as winnings.

Monday, 02/12

Combat Arms | 17:47
Go4CA GRAND Final - StatementsFive days before the Go4CA Grand Final in Cologne are happening, we are ready for the statements from Combat Arms players outside the final four teams. Check out this news to get a few community opinions on which team will win and why. We wish all teams the best of luck and have fun playing in the Go4CA Grand Final.
Combat Arms | 10:08
Go4CA Grand Final - Interview with Team DefAfter Team EGO's and MTP's interviews we are looking forward to the next ones and Team Def are the next in line. They have qualified as the third team for the Grand Final on December 7th in Cologne with a prize pot of €30,000. Check out the full interview here and in the next days we will publish the last interview as well.

Friday, 29/11

Combat Arms | 16:00
Go4CA Grand Final - Interview with Team EGO!Our Italian's from Team EGO! are the next one in line and after the interview from MTP we are really looking forward to the Grand Final on December 7th with a prize pot of €30,000. The Grand Final is happening in 7 days and we cannot wait to see the awesome Combat Arms action. Check out the whole interview and let us know your thoughts.
Combat Arms | 10:23
Go4CA Grand Final - Interview with MTPToday we are happy to publish the first interview with MostTalentedPlayers, which are one of the teams playing on December 7th in Cologne for a prize pot of €30,000. The Grand Final is happening in about 1 week and we are looking forward to some awesome Combat Arms action. Check out the news for the interview!

Thursday, 28/11

Combat Arms | 11:48
Go4CA - The last Monthly Final in 2013The last Monthly Final is happening on Tuesday, December 3rd, at 20:00 CET and we are looking forward to the last awesome matches in the Go4CA Series before the Grand Final on December 7th. The winner will take €400 and the 2nd place will still earn €200 and of course also the 3rd and 4th place will get a reward. Each team gets 50,000NX cash for reaching the match for 3rd place. We wish all teams the best of luck and may the best team win.

Wednesday, 20/11

Combat Arms | 14:18
The Go4CA Grand Final: A long road leading to CologneOut of the over 170 teams that took part over the course of the season we are down to the four who will battle it out one last time in Cologne, Germany in order to determine the Go4CA Season 2013 champion. With a total prize pool of €30,000, all four teams are eager to prove themselves in front of the crowds at ESL TV Studios on December 7th.

Tuesday, 19/11

Combat Arms | 10:12
Go4CA - Last chance to qualify for the Monthly FinalOn Sunday, November 24th, it is your last chance to earn some Go4 ranking points towards the €600 Monthly Final, but it won't be the last time you will see Combat Arms action. The winner of the Go4CA Cup #40 will receive €100 and the Top4 will also get 50,000 NX Cash as prize. We wish all teams the best of luck and have fun!
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