Official National Teams
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Here we will list all official national teams. If you want to play for your country, please apply as following:

1. Contact the Team-Manager and/or Team-Captain
2. If none of them reacts, contact the Admin-Team via Support Ticket.

If you would like to create a new national team which doesn't exist yet or you have already a team which is not in this list, please contact also the Admin-Team via Support Ticket.

List of all active National Teams:

Alps .CA
France .CA
Germany .CA
Hungary .CA
Italy .CA
Lithuania .CA
Netherlands .CA
Poland .CA
Portugal .CA
Spain .CA
Sweden .CA
Estonia .CA
Finland .CA
Hellas .CA
Latvia .CA
Bulgaria .CA
Croatia .CA
Slovenia .CA
Czechoslovakia .CA
Bosnia-Herzegovina .CA
Israel .CA

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Finland's team is a joke imo...
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Please add the Ukrainian team in the list of commands.   Ukraine . CA
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Belgium.CA should be created ...
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Holland emoticon-grin
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Norway.CA should be created 2, but i guess 2 few norwegian players in ca...
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