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Please use this thread if your team is searching for new players.

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looking for 2-3 players for 4on4 team, contact by priv message
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we are looking for 2-3 skilled, active Players.
Team: http://www.esl.eu/eu/#/eu/team/5134106/

For more informations pm me or add me in xfire: kaijudokid

Best regards,

Ich bin keine Signatur, denn ich putze hier nur.
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we are looking for some skilled player to join our ESL Team and to play the Season with us. That's our Teamlink: http://www.esl.eu/eu/#/eu/team/5691788/
Just some things u need are: headset,ts3,teamplay,skill with weapons without scope.
If you are interested to join our team or you want to know more about us, just pm me via esl page or add me in xfire if u have it.

xfire: kaijudokid

Best regards,

Ich bin keine Signatur, denn ich putze hier nur.
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Imperial Gaming is now re-open and is looking for players.

For more information visit our website: http://www.wix.com/357349/imperialgaming

or: http://i1218.photobucket.com/a...labeela33/Untitled-2-1.jpg
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Hallo Leute wir sind schon seit jahren in mehren Spielen in der ESL Aktiv und wir such beim D.B.C. für den Squad CAeU neu member unsere Homepage lautet www.die-bluescreen-crew.de.
Da wir sehr oben Spielen wollen uns freuen wenn es neue Member zu uns Stossen.
Bei interesse Wendet euch einfach an mich D.B.C.Admiral
Unsere Ts daten auch wenn jemand ein Gather Spielen möchte kommt einfach auf mich zu.
Mfg D.B.C. Admiral
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I'm looking for a 2on2 partner.
This is my team:http://www.esl.eu/eu/combatarms/team/6501724/

Are you interested? PM ME

Best Regards,
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We are recruiting and thinking about a 2nd squad if 4v4 returns.
apply to grimblade ingame if you are interested.
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Hi guys, Me (blatte_king) and Ibbe (GTHX) are seartching after 2 guys that would like to play esl with us, if you are interested add me on skype gabbe_king1. best regards Gabriel.
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Recrutam-se jogadores experientes para os ~EpiiCKilleRs~, com Raidcall 1kd+ e rank igual ou superior a 2lt..

Contatar por PM
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We are looking for one/two good players to eMotion Gaming, if you are interested PM me,gordonh or allianz

Best regards,
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Virtual Fury eSports é uma comunidade portuguesa que está a procura de team de Combat Arms

Jogadores maiores de 16 anos (ou com boa mentalidade)
Boa desposição
Disponibilidade para War's e Torneios


TeamSpeak 3
Site com forum
Apoio para tudo o que precisarem
Manager para ajudar com as situações do jogo


Xfire: babylonia12
Steam: trabulo1
Email: skillwarriors@gmail.com
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We Search For 2-3 player ( we are now 2).
We Look for good player to the cup called "Go4Ca".
I k.D 2.08 and my friend k.D 1.88 Serch For K.d 1.60+
Skype- vainer2000
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Good evening guys...

Well... We [31337] are looking for experienced team [!], with achievements and passion to play. 

At this moment we got:

Call of Duty 4 [Polish section]
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive [Polish section]
Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 [NA section]
League of Legends [Polish section]

Our staff - 
Polish, Polish [uk atm], Netherlands, Germany - like You see, multilanguage.

What can i say - we are growing up every day and to be honest we want to do great gaming who unite players from America, Europe and Asia... For most of peoples it can be impossible to do

What we expect? 

*Stable and skilled person, 
*Participate in tournaments, cups,
*Be mature, of course we're talking between themselves at ease,
*Easy way to contact with You... There is many guys like - pay entrance at offline event for us and we just go away - no.
*Be cool emoticon-smile 

What we can offer?

*Stable contact with staff
*Voice server
*If there will be offline event - payment fee after prove team [online results, cups/tournaments]
*T-Shirts at events
*Our help to resolve any troubles


XFIRE - dzikaryba
Steam - larszua
Facebook FanPage - https://www.facebook.com/31337clan
TeamSpeak 3 Address: 

Thanks guys for Your attention

Best regards,
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looking for 1 player
Check here -> http://www.esl.eu/de/team/7514477/ 
just msg me on ESL
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Looking 2 players for Series and GO4CA if you want just pm mehttp://www.esl.eu/eu/combatarms/team/7883932/

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Our team is looking for 3 intermediate players for Go4CA 5on5 ESL Series.

- Any sort of voice communications software & Hardware (Skype, Teamspeak...);
- English/Portuguese speaking;
- Mature.
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Hey Guys,

Our team, No Hack no GLORY is looking for a Player for the next winter cup #3.
We prefer a Player who's able to speak Dutch, but if you are able to talk decent English we are also happy.


- Ts3 + Microphone
-  Knowledge about the maps
- Good behaviour
- Able to play all the matches

So if you want to join and if you think that you"ll be a decent stand-in for our team just pm me or Un1que_Dutch.

Best Regards,
Simon, in name of no HACK no GLORY.
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Hi, i need 2 players for my new team.
We need 2 players with a high skill level, good comunication, basic english, and a lot of ingame and esl experience.

PM me in ESL

Best Regards 'SUBZYY'
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Team Alpha helix is still searching for players
Pm me or Sinqularity_ ingame
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a7raX eSports is searching 2-3 players for Series/Cup.
PM me or /w Cenzolowsky- in game.
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Team v.A is searching 2-3+ polish players for cw/vs.
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