Nightcup #34 - 1on1 S&D Pro Friday
And again a new cup for Combat Arms! We are starting into the weekend with playing a 1on1 Search & Destroy cup with pro rules and map elimination. Check the news, sign up and don't miss the check-in, half an hour before the cup. But now: Here are the details! You should not miss this cup :)

Nightcup #34 - 1on1 S&D Pro Friday

Signup now!

(Check-in: 20:00 - 20:10 CET)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Be there on time to make sure you do not miss out!
Sign up until 20:30 CET
Date: Friday, 16th March
Start: 20:30 CET
Size: unlimited
Structure: Single Elimination

Basic rules:

Maps: see here
Mode: 1 Map, 2x7 Wins
Screenshots: Upload after your match
Allowed Equipment: see here
MOSS is mandatory

Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter your InGame Nickname (e.g. kenobi)
Fill in your profile
Click the sign up link!
Download ESL Wire and configure it!

See the cup information page for allowed equipment and more details

Bubba Ares

The Gun Emporium is the thing that ruins the gameplay in ESL - that's why you have to make a screenshot showing your weapon. Screenshots need to be made ingame, at the beginning of any round with scoreboard on (TAB pressed). Screenshots are mandatory for all K2, SCAR-L and M4A1 users.

The time to upload the screenshots is 10 minutes after the match. Otherwise, your opponents will have full right to open the protest. Don't edit your images!


(click to see larger image)

Map Elimination

We are playing only one map, therefore, we will use the map elimination system. Here is how it works: The player on the left in the matchsheet starts with banning the first map from the mappool in the matchcommets/-chat. The team on the right bans then the next map and so on, until only one map is left, and that map has to be played. If you have questions on this, please ask before the cup starts in the news comments, to avoid any delay.

  • Player A: ban Rattle Snake
  • Player B: ban Warhead
  • Player A: ban Gray Hammer
  • and so on...


In case of a draw, please play 3 rounds as Alpha and Bravo overtime.

Blocked and cannot play?

If you are blocked for the "soft" reason, like canceling challenge, no-show or missing screenshot and you would like to participate in the cup, please open the support ticket with "Pro Weekly - barrage" title. Players with penalty points for any unsportsmanlike behavior or fakeaccount suspicions still aren't allowed to play.

Your Combat Arms Team

kensen, Friday, 16/03/12 00:39
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We must play 7rounds in bravo and after in alpha? Or just knife round and winner choose a/b?
Sorry, 2x7 Wins. Just updated the news ;
Jajajaja Go "PROS"
juande,loko? vip friends? go with aimbot.
ERM wrote:
juande,loko? vip friends? go with aimbot.

I know you want to be like me: D
you are...think bad we are good players

we are in competition
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Nice! 5 players made it to check in... how awesome...
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