UPDATED!Add Call of Juarez in ESL Wire
In this newspost you can read how you have to let your Call of Juarez be detected by ESL Wire. Since the game is not detected automatically, we pointed out every step here. So if you have difficulties with it this post should help you!

Installing Wire

First of all, if you do not own ESL Wire yet, you can download it here

Detecting The Game

Open ESL Wire and click on the Third tab (Play).

After that, Click on "Add a Game" which can be found in the right top of your screen.
The window on the left will appear, then choose the second option "Add a Game manually" and click on next.

Type on top call of juarez to find it, click on it and then click the next button.

Search your game on your hard disk.

Find the executable files and open it.

Wire will check out your game, then click on next

Then, Wire will tell you that it will automatically start your game. You have to close it after it started, to finish detecting your game with ESL Wire.

if everything goes well you should see this last windows appear and just click on Finish.

Call of Juarez should be detected now and from now on you can play your ESL Matches with ESL Wire!

Play your matches with ESL Wire

To start an ESL Match using Wire, double click on the match you will play, turn on anti-cheat and click on start. The game should launch then.

ESL Call of Juarez Facebook Group!

Why you ask? We have decided to make an Official ESL Call of Juarez Facebook because in this era almost everyone uses facebook, and this is the easiest way for us to get in touch with the community.

Support & Help

For any question, doubt, perplexity, feedback and advice, please contact the Admin Team. You can do it with a Support Ticket!

// Your Admin Team
Ptiprince, Wednesday, 19/09/12 23:01
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nice job kevin !
finally !!!!
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