VERSUS goes crazy July - CoJ 5on5!
On the 29th of July VERSUS goes crazy - again! This time we will have a look how active you can be on a sunday! Also, we added one rule that will be mandatory from now on in VERSUS. We changed the mode for VERSUS goes crazy to 5on5 - only this day! VERSUS brings the opportunity to play mixes in a competitive way. It fills the gap between public and an ESL match, so bring your players and play a lot of matches this sunday!

What is VERSUS?

VERSUS is the new matchmaking system on ESL.eu. With just a few clicks you can find new friends and opponents to compete with and play against. A new individual ranking will keep track of your wins and losses. Less rules, less clicks, more matches and fun for all! You will find more information on our VERSUS portal.

VERSUS goes crazy

For July 29th we have prepared some pretty cool events for VERSUS. More games, more modes, more rankings and a premium raffle, cool prizes, XP boost, a special award and much more are waiting for you. Together with you we will get the system to go crazy, a real stress test for the whole system.

These activities are waiting for you:

XP Boost: Earn 200% XP for every match on VERSUS

Games: Play VERSUS on games that usually are not in our Matchmaking

Mappools: New, more and specified map pools for some games

Modes: Specific modes are waiting in your game

Rankings: Extra rankings for all special game modes

Admin vs. User: Take your chance to revenge for everything done wrong

Celebrity Gaming: Meet progamers and special guests on VERSUS

Award: Try to get the VERSUS goes crazy Award in your game

Prizes: Play VERSUS and take part in our raffle

Call of Juarez: 5on5 Matches this Sunday!

Since the slogan of this fun day is "VERSUS goes crazy" and because the best way to play Call of Juarez is in 5on5, we decided to bring you a 5on5 mode for this sunday! Last time it was a great succes so we want to make it at least the same as it was then!

CoJ 5on5 will be activated at 12.00 CEST !!!

Additionaly rule in VERSUS!

From now on it's mandatory to wear your ESL nickname ingame when you are playing a VERSUS match. We introduced this rule so that we can handle things like insults etc. better than we can now, because many people are playing with fake nicknames.

ESL Call of Juarez Facebook Group!

Why you ask? We have decided to make an Official ESL Call of Juarez Facebook because in this era almost everyone uses facebook, and this is the easiest way for us to get in touch with the community.

Support & Help

For any question, doubt, perplexity, feedback and advice, please contact the Admin Team. You can do it with a Support Ticket!

// Your Admin Team
FiGhTeR, Thursday, 26/07/12 11:35
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