CoH 2 is back in VERSUS!
On Monday, Company of Heroes 2 will be available in VERSUS with a XP Boost! With just two clicks you will get matches up with players on your own skill level. So spread the word and make sure to play VERSUS on Monday - you can expect some very exciting matches!

Company of Heroes 2 in the VERSUS Schedule

On Monday 7th October, you will be able to play Company of Heroes 2 in VERSUS!

New 1vs1 gamemode with the following settings, maps and rules:
Best of One
Victory Points: 500
Resources: Standard
Map pool: Kholodny Ferma, Kholodny Ferma Winter, Langreskaya, Langreskaya Winter, Minsk Pocket, Semoskiy

Play CoH 2 in VERSUS!

How to play VS.?

Just click on the "PLAY VS." on the top of the page and pick Company of Heroes 2 from the list of games. Read the short ruleset by clicking on the button. Last step is clicking on "Search for match" and here you go!

The participation is quite simple. You need to be logged in and then simply click here.
You will find further instructions in our VERSUS Portal.

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Chackiwinja, Sunday, 06/10/13 17:28
Play CoH 2 in VERSUS
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