Company of Heroes 2 available in VERSUS
As of today you can play Company of Heroes 2 in VERSUS. It is the bridge between casual gaming and competitive leagues, as it allows you to be matched with and against other players on your own skill level. Click, click - it has never been this easy to find a match!

How to play VS.?

Just click on the "PLAY VS." on the top of the page and pick Company of Heroes 2 from the list of games. Read the short ruleset by clicking on the button. Last step is clicking on "Search for match" and here you go!

The participation is quite simple. You need to be logged in and then simply click here.
You will find further instructions in our VERSUS Portal.

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How2VERSUS Veto: How to get your result corrected the quickest
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Company of Heroes 2

We've added a 2vs2 gamemode to VERSUS with the following settings, maps and rules:
Best of One
Victory Points: 500
Resources: Standard
Map pool: Kholodny Ferma, Pripyat, Minsk Pocket, Pripyat Winter Battlefield, Moscow Outskirts, Moscow Outskirts Winter, Rzhev, Rzhev Winter, Oka River Winter

Play CoH 2 in VERSUS!

Awards in VERSUS

There are different awards for different achievements and goals and first of all we have the awards for a finished season. But of course we also have awards, which are given out every days, because they are not bound to a season like the "Played x VERSUS matches" or "Played with x matches as solo player against a party" and many more. You can check out the new VERSUS Award page and check out all awards for VERSUS, because there are 28 different awards.

VERSUS Kickstart Award
The most active players in VERSUS during the upcoming two weeks, will be awarded with this exclusive award. To be eligible for it, all you need to do is play matches, it does not matter if you win or lose!

// Your Admin Team
Chackiwinja, Tuesday, 09/07/13 13:00
Play CoH 2 in VERSUS
comments (5)
rush team no ?

this game is shit in my opinion
King of Versus #13 Results plz
-1 golegol
Is the game taken down in the versus list ?
Atleast i cant find the game anywhere in the "versus-list"
put COH 1
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