Versus - MMC & Admins VS Community
You might saw the latest news about VERSUS like the party - system or the new rankbuttons. From now on we give you another chance to compete via VERSUS for premium and honor.
This are the challenges we offer you:

MMC -Versus- for the next 4 weeks

We search the player with the most VERSUS - matches within the next 4 weeks. So to get 1 month premium you have to play VERSUS constantly.

MMC -Versus- The weekly challenge

We already introduced the MMC for the next 4 weeks - the next step is to find the player with the most matches for every week during the next month. Also the winner will receive a premiumkey.

Fight the admin-team!

Besides the MMC - stuff we also give you the chance to get revenge on the admins and fight back. So we offer you the chance to play with or against us every day between 19:00 CEST and 20:00 CEST! So grab your friends and play VERSUS!


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Your Admin Team
  Face Uglyfarmer Peandreo John1337 Epic Fail o.0 Calcada Xe c3tn
Face, Wednesday, 14/09/11 13:37
comments (2)
when we get orders hm?:D
next 4 weeks its mean 13/09 - 4/10? make information more exact pls.
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