1vs1 SD "Last minute" - Cup #2
Tonight we host the second "Last minute" - Cup in CoDBO which will be played in the 1v1 SD mode once again.
In fact its a cup without check-in, 8 slots and the 1vs1 SD ruleset. The sign up is starting at 19.40 CEST until 20.00 CEST. We will not extend the slots or something - first comes, first serves. If we get positive feedback we might extend the slots for the next "Last minute" - Cup.

Keep in mind that the latest version of the xKMOD is mandatory!

Furthermore you will be able to send us your wishes for the next cup. As we are going to present you a new cup every week, we want to collect your ideas. Feel free to open a support ticket via the support ticket function. We, the Admin Staff, are looking forward to hearing from you!

So please, sign up for the next cup and get ready to fight!

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1on1 SD "Last minute" - Cup #2
1on1 SD "Last minute" - Cup #2
Sign Up!

Sign - Up from 19:40 on
Sign up until: 02.09.11 20:00
Duration: 02.09.11 20:00 - 21:30
Slots: 8
Modus: 1on1 SD - Ladderrules
Restrictions: contact and SteamID
Support: IRC and Support
WAC: Mandatory during the entire cup
Server Settings: xKMod (Download)
Restrictions: Infos & Details
Matchmedia: 2 score screenshots have to be uploaded directly after the match.
Demo: Every player has to record a demo. In case of a protest all demos have to be available for the admin.
Overtime: mr 3 on the current map
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End of registration
Round 1
Round 2
Firing Range

ESL Wire Anti-cheat

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without any exception. If a player cannot use Wire Anti-Cheat then he is not allowed to take part in a match.

_ Support via IRC


If you was not able to play in this cup feel free to test the new VERSUS. system and and earn a special award!

Your Admin Team
  Face Uglyfarmer Peandreo John1337 Epic Fail o.0 Calcada Xe c3tn
Face, Friday, 02/09/11 14:36
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Because a bunch of players asked: Of course the cupwinners will get a HoF - entry!
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