Call of Duty 4 Promod Sniper Only 1on1 DM Cup July

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Conditions of participation

To participate in a European Call of Duty 4 Ladder you have to meet up the following requirements.

  • an entered Call of Duty 4 PB Guid
  • correctly working version of ESL Wire Anti-Cheat

Mappool & special rules

For this cup we use the following mappool.

  • mp_killhouse

Grenades (all kind of) are not allowed!
Knife is allowed.


If you have a tie after all regular played rounds - you continue with an overtime with 2 minutes until a winner is decided.

Server Mod & Settings

In European Call of Duty 4 ladders, you have to play with the latest version of the Promod LIVE. The following match settings must be used. The latest version of the current Call of Duty 4 Promod can be downloaded here.

ESL EU - PromodLive v2.11
CupType promod_mode
1on1 DM
10 minutes
g_gametype dm

Punkbuster Settings

All matches must be played on a server with Game-Violations stream. An Installation-Guide can be found here: Game-Violations FAQ. Beside this you'll also need our league config; you can download it here.


All players must use ESL Wire Anti-Cheat during all matches. Its also necessary to record a demo - this demo has to be uploaded if the opponent requests it. After the game you have to upload also the round screenshots and the pb_guid screen.

When does the game end?

This counts only for Search and Destroy Ladders: Should a team have won 25/21/17/13 rounds both parties are allowed to disconnect the server without asking the other team. The correct score to be entered is now which was reached when leaving the server. This score has to be proofed by screenshots.


If you have questions feel free to join us in IRC (#esl.cod4 @Quakenet) or use the a support ticket.


Current requirements:
  Gameaccount Players must have the following Game ID registered and up to date to play in this league. If your Game ID has changed, please make sure it is up to date.

Type: COD4 PB GUID (click here to add)
min. members: 1
  Sign up date For this league there is a fixed sign up date

Registration begins: 07/07/11 16:00
Registration ends: 11/07/11 18:00



  • mp_killhouse *

* = Default


Category: Cup
Rankingsystem: cup
Matchsystem: oneround_noshift
Match adjournment: 14 days 28 days
Match abort: inactive
Autoconfirm: 60 min.
Protest period: 3 days
  • 2.879 Users Online
  • 5.732.930 Registered Users
  • 2.478.520 Active Users
  • 1.229.250 Teams Total
  • 3.542 Matches Yesterday
  • 23.513.900 Matches Total
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