Search & Destroy 5on5 Nightcup 16
Having seen our most recent cups fill within just a few days of being announced, ESL is proud to announce the 16th cup of the night series!
Scheduled to kick-off at the selected time of 20:00 CEST on Sunday 20th May 32 teams will come together once more in ESL's 16th consecutive Promod 5v5 S&D NightCup.

S&D 5on5 NightCup 16

S&D 5on5 NightCup 16!
Mode Single Elimination 1 Map MR12
Participants 32 teams
Matchdates 1. Round Sunday 20/05/12 20:00 CET
2. Round Sunday 20/05/12 21:00 CET
3. Round Sunday 20/05/12 22:00 CET
4. Round Sunday 20/05/12 23:00 CET
5. Round Sunday 20/05/12 00:00 CET
Challenges The matchdate is not movable.
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More Information

In this cup, we are going to try something different - a Check-In system. This means each team will have to confirm their participation 60-20 minutes before the cup starts! It's actually very simple. You just signup as to any other cup but instead of coming to the cup start you come 30 minutes earlier to confirm your slot. And don't forget, only first 32 teams that confirm their place in the cup actually get to play it.

This method is used simply to avoid as much noshows as possible, not to cause any problems to teams signing up!

More information you can read Here
Teams participating are shown Here
Here you can see the tournament tree
Brackets will be done around 1 hour before the cup starts
Problems with Wire? Go reading here

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The ESL admin team would like to wish all teams the best of luck!
crank, Wednesday, 16/05/12 10:14
comments (11)
#1 Nice Cup: gl & hf! :)
16.05.2012 10:44 hartz 4 ftw
Hi, not hartz 4, I work at night. Regards.
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So where do u actually confirm for this cup? AS i cant see any link or anything on this website to confirm our team and im getting no answer on IRC
yeah is difficult for know where is , but is on the main page of cod4 .eu on the top at the right side http://www.esl.eu/eu/cod4#/eu/cod4/promod/sd/5on5/nightcup_16/
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I can see it now
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On the top at the right side , u can see a clock where said check in or confirm
Yeh i see the clock now, but its too l8 now. Plus our team has somehow been removed from the page where all the teams were listed that had signed up for this cup, u have 12 confirm and 8 unconfirmed teams now and we're not there at all, so who knows whats happening
#10 You have never even applied for this cup. There is nothing in your team's account about being accepted/rejected for this particular cup. Are you even sure you applied?
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