EMS X Call of Duty 4 Nordic Qualifiers
Today we are announcing the Nordic Qualifiers for Season X of the ESL Major Series. Further information you will get within this news.
For each of these qualifiers you are required to have 51%+ members from that nation. For example, a Swedish team needs at least 3 Swedish players. Mix teams and Icelandic teams may join the European Qualifier.

Also no participant can play for more than one organization at the same time in any ESL Major Series, ESL Pro Series, or ESL Amateur Series.

You can find the slots distribution and all national qualifier links on the EMS X CoD4 homepage

Qualifier details

The qualifier will start on Sunday 26th February at 18:00 CET.

Qualifier structure

32 slots single elimination (may increase if signups call for it)
Modus: BO1
Mapchoice by elimination


26.02 18CET 1st round
26.02 19CET 2nd round
26.02 20CET 3rd round
26.02 21CET 4th round


  • Missing/incomplete ESL Wire AC files result in a default loss
  • No show results in a default loss
  • Once a player has played for a team in the qualifier, he is not allowed to play for any other team
  • At all times in-game teams must have three players that reside in the team country or have nationality provable with an up to date ID or passport.
  • Match times are fixed each night and cannot be rescheduled later without approval of admins
  • Matches can be rescheduled to be played earlier if both teams agree.
    Please test your ESL Wire AC before the qualifier!

  • How to sign up

  • All players in your team must register on the ESL.
    Important! If you have ever registered before and you have forgotten your details, do not make a new account, write a support ticket.
  • All players in your team must register their CoD4 PB gameaccount.
  • The team captain should create the team by going to My Teams (at the top) and Register new team.
  • After creating the team, the captain should set a password (My Teams -> Manage team -> Edit team<, then give the link to the team to all players who can join it with the 'join team' link on the team page.
  • Once all players have done the above steps and are in the team, the captain can sign the team up using the link of this news.

  • Sign Up!
    Date: 26th February
    Sign up until 17:00 CET
    Start: 18:00 CET

    Sign Up!
    Date: 26th February
    Sign up until 17:00 CET
    Start: 18:00 CET

    Sign Up!
    Date: 26th February
    Sign up until 17:00 CET
    Start: 18:00 CET

    Sign Up!
    Date: 26th February
    Sign up until 17:00 CET
    Start: 18:00 CET

    The winner of each cup will be rewarded with a 1x QR1 slot.

    Prize Money

    Prize money distribution ESL Major Series X

    2.700 €

    Call of Duty 4

       1st 1.350 €
       2nd 800 €
       3rd 550 €

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    EMS X Homepage

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    Good luck to all our participants and don't forget to idle in #esl.ems!

    Your admin crew
    Junior, Tuesday, 21/02/12 17:54
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