Autumn Cup Challenge 2011!
Autumn has arrived, and with it comes ESL's latest tournament, the Autumn Cup Challenge 2011!

With the dark nights drawing in faster by the day, ESL have come up with the perfect excuse for staying in-door's this autumn with their huge range of top tournaments planned for the coming autumn and winter months!
As we leap into autumn, ESL already have big plans in store for everyone over the winter season. From solo showdown's to team domination, we have it all right here at ESL.

In an attempt to kick this season off in true royal-rumble style, ESL are proud to announce the ESL Autumn Cup Challenge 2011! In which we'll see a grand total of 128 teams come together over a 3 week period to decide which team will take home the title of Autumn Cup Challenge Champions 2011 as well as 3 months worth of ESL premium in prizes!

The Prizes

Autumn Cup Challenge 2011

   1st 3 months
   2nd 2 months
   3rd 1 month

The winner will also receive this special League award and will be ranked in our Hall of Fame.

The Rules!

Following suit from our previous cups, we will ofcourse be using a similar sort of rule-set with the Autumn Cup Challenge 2011 as we have done in the past, however there will be one or two minor changes, so be sure to read carefully over the rules to get the most out of this seasons main event!

Call of Duty4 Autumn Cup Challenge 2011!
Teamsize 5 on 5
mod Promod Live 2.11
mode Search & Destroy (SD)
ruleset /rcon promod_mode match_mr12
results 2 Maps set by admin
mappool mp_backlot
01.11.11 20:00 CEST
01.11.11 21:00 CEST
03.11.11 20:00 CEST
03.11.11 21:00 CEST
08.11.11 20:00 CEST
08.11.11 21:00 CEST
10.11.11 20:00 CEST

Autumn Cup Challenge 2011

More Information

More information you can read Here
Teams participating are shown Here
Here you can see the tournament tree
Brackets will be done around 1 hour before the cup starts
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If you have questions feel free to join us in IRC (#esl.cod4 @Quakenet), use the support ticket or join our Lobby on ESL Wire.
DOLER, Saturday, 29/10/11 00:47
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in match details of course :)
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