EMS IX CoD4: Match Day 4 + LIVE STREAM!
As we roll into the fourth week of Europe's most infamous online tournament, ESL reveal the teams & live streams in tonights coverage plan.

Having spent the past three weeks witnessing teams switching and swapping players, it would appear the initial thrill of participating in the series has worn off as we push into the fourth week of the ESL Major Series which could be the make or break week for many teams.
With only 2 weeks remaining in the Group Stage schedule, things are certainly heating up for certain teams who are intending to proceed through the stages and into the play-off's.

As ofcourse with previous weeks, streaming partners QUADV, CODTV & KAOS TV! will be offering live coverage for the majority of matches throughout the remainder of the event!

Kicking off tonight's triple helping of coverage, we will see CODTV pick up our first match of the night between LowLandLions vs FRAGMASTERS! Although originally planned to be played last week, teams will be looking to start at 19:00 CET TONIGHT and will be shoutcasted in both French & English for a wider audience.

LowLandLions vs FRAGMASTERS!

Sunday, 06/11/11 21:00
Status: closed

 FRAGMASTERS COD.. (#8)[13:9] mYinsanity (#12)

In our second match of the night, we will continue to follow LowLandLions in their second match of the evening against Croatian line-up team-imex at the later time of 21:30 CET with further shoutcasting in both French & English!

LowLandLions vs team-imex

Sunday, 06/11/11 20:00
Status: protest

 mYinsanity (#12)[XX:XX] team-imex (#24)

CODTV LiveStream!
This Sunday @ 19:00! JOIN US

In our final match of the night, we'll see FragMasters! go head-to-head against French superstars 1puRe eSports in a truly epic battle to end the night with live coverage being provided by none other thak KaosTV

FragMasters vs 1puRe eSports

Sunday, 06/11/11 21:00
Status: closed

 FRAGMASTERS COD.. (#8)[7:13] SUPER! (#20)

KaosTV LiveStream!
This Sunday @ 21:00! JOIN US

Stay tuned

To get the latest news about and the visit us here:

EMS IX Homepage

EMS IX CoD4 Homepage

Good luck to all our participants and don't forget to join and idle in #esl.cod4!

Your admin crew.
DOLER, Sunday, 06/11/11 16:32
EMS IX CoD4 Homepage
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