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[Official] Clan is searching player
Author Posting
Because of many posts at last, we open 2 new topics. One of them is "clan is searching player". There you can official search your new players.

This new option is the only possibility we allow. Any other posts will be deleted.

ESL Admin Team

Software is like sex, its better when its free
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Team Paranoia are a Online and LAN event Multigaming Organisation.

Our organisation has teams for the following games; Battlefield 2142, CounterStrike Source, Call of Duty 4 (Setting Up Stages), Crysis and Xbox360.

We currently search Call of Duty 4 players to join our Call of Duty 4 section. Team Paranoia.COD4 will attend regular LAN events aswell as competing in online leagues/cups.

Players wishing to join must fit the following criteria;

- Aged 16 or over
- Located within Europe
- Be able to speak reasonable English
- Be able to play regular online matches aswell as occasional LAN events
- Of a high skill and able to play well as a part of a team

Please do not hesitate to visit our website @ www.team-paranoia.co.uk

If you would like to join please contact me by one of the following ways or use the join us link on our website.

Website : www.team-paranoia.co. uk
Email : admin@team-paranoia.co.uk
MSN : lukedavies_118@hotmail.co.uk
Xfire : nzmaori

Thanks for reading my post.
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La multigaming hardcore Gamers recherche une section COD4 ambitieuse de bon level et structuré.
Notre site pro sera dispo d ici deux semaines aux max.

Contact : apophis63@hotmail.fr



hardcore Gamers team seek a section COD4, good level and structured.

Contact : apophis63@hotmail.fr
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La communauté de la #fox team crée sa section COD4 pour complété sa multigaming comptant déjà 3 section css dont les f4p (1er ESL), 1 section tf2, 1 section bf2,une guild guildwars , 1 section wic et de nombreux jeu fun

Nous recrutons joueur COD4 :
-dispo les soirs pour war
-bon skill de préférence
-les filles son aussi les bienvenus

Pour plus de renseignement contacté moi ou un admin :

Msn: nicolas1311@hotmail.fr
X fire: 93hardkor
Channel irc: #FoX.Community
Site web: www.foxteam.eu

@ Bientôt j’espère pour des partie fun
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irc.gamesurge.net #PerditionGaming
E-Mail: rooks@perditiongaming.com
Location: North America

Perdition Gaming is looking for new members to help fill out its member base. Members are currently playing Counter Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2142. We have a Team Fortress 2 server as well as a Ventrilo Server. We'll be getting a Call of Duty 4 server as soon as the game is released.

Our goal is to establish a community of gamers that enjoy playing together. We're not going to restrict players based on skill level, however we do ask that you respect the decisions of the team leaders when it comes to competitive leagues. We also do not restrict players based on age, so don't be afraid to apply if you are a younger gamer.

As our player base grows, so will our accommodations. We're open to purchasing game servers based on game demand. If we have 4 or 5 players that play Counter Strike regularly, then we will purchase a server for them.

The main goal is to have fun, and to create a long lasting gaming community that can accommodate casual and competitive players alike. Feel free to register on the forums and participate in discussion and we will hopefully see you on the battle field.
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clan kilt search CoD 4 gamer or Team

icq: 450-342-469
quote ] 
** deleted **
Clan .nG.


We are recruiting players who are wanting to be the best. Our team consists of highly skilled players. If you are interested in being part of something big then visit our website and register yourself on our forum. Or just send me a PM! Jebacina
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** deleted **

Search CoD4 Player!



ICQ: 422-401-921

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Hey all ! Iam serch for a Clan aktiv skill and have good expirence played cod 1 cod 2 and now cod 4 . I got TS and Vent . Only 14 soon 15 year ;( but Iam good . Iam from sweden to iam soon lvl 55 got good stats in Assist / death / kills ! Cya all

Add Xfire -> kalleralle93

Add msn -> kalle_mansson@hotmail.com
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** deleted **
Why are you german people keep writing in german when its english only?
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** deleted **
=VE= UK Team searching UK players
to play in 3 leagues & Ladders
MED - HIgh Skill needed.
request a trial here: http://vets-hq.co.uk

quote ] 
We are looking for 1 skilled player
we are playin active in CB // ESl cfg suxx, we also were Rank "2" behind Team Logitech..


btw we search for players 17+ // ..

if u think u are skilled write a message

quote ] 
eVolution is looking for a new member

to us:

full sponsored (server+page+lan)
active (esl,cb,lan)
german speaking

to you:

at least 3h per day online and this 7 days a week
well skilled
german speaking


icq 157385025
xfire mod100
quote ] 
hello guys,
the new cod4 squad from mypwny.com
seek a new member for the 5on5 line up

to us:
-game server

to u:
-18+ is really nice!
-plz real skill no low bobi! emoticon-suprise
-don't flame!
-and exist the testgame

3on3Team: esl Rank 3!
5on5 Team: esl Rank unranked! :/

add me x-fire: xxxpvtpjxxx
or sven : lucky1985

its better to @ sVen in the time from 4.12-8.12.07
cu on emoticon-grin
quote ] 
We search new members in CoD4

We are just a Call of Duty 4 Clan, we all come from Germany. We want to play in ESL-EU and Clanbase, also we also play Lans.

to us
-Standard(Gameserver, Teamspeak, HP)
-german speaking

to you
-med skilled
-no flamer
-sure, you must make a testgame
quote ] 
hi, our clan is searching for med+ players. we got a nice hp and good gamers... we prefer german player.

contact me ---> xfire: ostnos
quote ] 
Hello I am Samuel from -2d-. You can call me big sam. We are from a multigaming clan. We are social and competitive we like to win and have a laugh. We are looking for dedicated players that are commited to the clan and hope to improve.

We play COD 4
Battlefield 2142
Counter Strike: Source

If you are interested in a good, fun and friendly clan to be in.

then go to www.2d-clan.co.uk

Look foward to hearing from anyone soon.
quote ] 
You have to hate it when someone namely 2d doesnt even use ESL or compete in its league comes on to advertise for players ...

quote ] 
Im currently seeking 2 High skilled players to fill the roster for Figure.09 we are a ex bf1942 team which reached semi final in the inf cup. Your requirments will be :

Comms:- Ventrilo mix
Language:- English
Also must drink beer saturday night! other than that be active!

Add:- nukezor 2 xfire and we can sort out some games.

Thanx nukeyy
quote ] 
Seek Skilled COD4 players emoticon-grin

Profile for all contact details.
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** deleted **
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