Play VERSUS Call of Duty!
Have you tried playing Call of Duty in VERSUS? Call of Duty is one of the top VERSUS. games, featuring skill based matchmaking and protection by Wire Anti-Cheat - try it now!

What is VERSUS.?

VERSUS. is the newest feature from ESL, making it easier than ever before to play a competitive match in just a couple of clicks. You simply search for a match and VERSUS. will put you together with 9 other players in a skill balanced match protected by Wire Anti-Cheat.

Prefer to play with friends? Then party!

VERSUS. lets you search for a match together with up to four friends to be on the same team.

2 to 5 players per party
10% VS. bonus points for ESL Premium parties
Adjusted skill balancing for parties in matchmaking
More details in the official announcement
Give your feedback in the ESL VERSUS. Forum

VERSUS. Super Sunday?

All Sunday long you have the chance to earn doubled XP per Match you play in our new VERSUS. system. This will not only help you to gain a higher level on ESL but also help us testing the performance of VERSUS. on the most active day of the week. You like Win-Win situations? This definitly is one! Here you can see the winners from last week.

Most Matches Competition on Sunday: Grab a prize!

As every game on VERSUS. has it's own time a match takes, we will do a very special Most Matches Competition here. The Top 10 from every game (5 matches minimum per player) will join a raffle for ESL Premium Accounts. Just play some VERSUS. and maybe you will be one of our lucky winners!

The prizes are:
5x 3 month ESL Premium
5x 2 month ESL Premium
5x 1 month ESL Premium

Beside that you can also become the Player of the week at Steam. How? Read this news for more information.




Last chance to grab a beta award!

A gold award will be given to to the 10% of players that have played the most matches. The top 50% of the VS. players will receive the silver award and up to 90% will earn the bronze award. Therefore the bottom 10% of the VERSUS. users will not get an award because they did not even play enough to provide us with good feedback or help test VERSUS "under pressure". These users have played 5 matches or less.

And now you want to know more about this phantastic matchmaking system? Just check out the VERSUS. Portal and find out more interesting stuff like the Rankings of your favourite game!

We are really looking forward to this and wish you all a lot of fun playing VERSUS.

Your ESL Admin Team
TheRogue, Sunday, 30/10/11 09:00
VERSUS. Portal
comments (4)
this medal are like coockies :))
Nice prizes indeed :)
Versus is just useless...

Except u want to cheat, flame, teamkill or something like this...
cod4 now there are many cheaters.. unplayable. Matches very little controlled by admins
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