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[Official] Player is searching clan
Author Posting
Hey Guys,

SMG searching a stable Team for CB Top 50 / Preinvite / Cups and so on, after Team unLeashed - Gaming Emotions was closing.

Name: Dennis Hartmann (17 years old)

Nickname: scaroRR

Location: Germany

Languages: german, czech and english

Skill: CB Top 50 / Preinvite

Past Teams: UnLeashed Gaming Emotions, Anexis eSports

Weapon: SMG (AKu only)

Xfire: donnerbird

I'm real !
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im searching for finland or international team emoticon-grin
skill med
add me @xfire: vk06
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Hello FightAh here,

About me:

I'm looking for a good ESL team.
I'm 17 Years old, can speak Dutch and English.
Country: The Netherlands
I dont have a clan history on ESL but i did alot of PCW's on my old EDOM clan.

I know most of the tactics.
Weapon: Scope
Skill: At The Moment Med+ but improving fast.
Xfire: fighterkm

Xfire me when you wanna have a Mix with me.

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I was playing CoD 4 for 1 year and I stopped because of CoD:WaW release.
I was in the best CoD:WaW clans in europe (1st place 3vs3 and 5vs5 ladder with STG and I was leader of Division in Super Krazy Killerz multigaming we had 4 place in 5vs5 ladder)
Now Im playing back CoD 4 for 1 week and I think my skill is med. I know all maps and weapons, I can play all week, Im active, I speak polish english and former german. You can check my ESL profile, there you have link to my xfire and X-ray profile. If you want to recruit me or play mix with me contact me on xfire-d34thm4k3r27 or steam:kacperzyla .
I can play AK47 and Ak74u aswell
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Hi, Im looking for a CB/Esl team, 17 yrs old, im med+ skilled with scope, and ak74, good team player, speaking very good english and have all the needed accesories... contact me on xfire: zodder, or steam: bbczodd
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Hi all,

I'm looking very active good standing ESL team(not beginners).

About me:
*High skilled smg/assault
*very active
*19 years old
*Have history on ESL and CB
*Can talk: English, Serbian
*Country: Serbia

For test and any other informations:
*xf: gileguarana
*mail": mastelicamilos@hotmail.com
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Name: Lasse "lazbot" Balzer
Nationality: German
Language: English, German
Age: 18
Weapon: Ak 74-u (Ak 47)
Activity: Weeknights + Weekends

What I achieved so far: I played in a lot top 100 cb teams, futher me and my team won some online events / cups or achieved good rankings. So far I visited no Lan yet but i hope this changes soon, because i am Lanable. I also played well versus a lot cod4.invited and academy teams.

What we expect from you: I dont want to join a new organisation, futhermore I defenitly want to go to Lans, so I am looking for a Lanable team. Moreover I would like to join an invited / academy team.
As well I would like a stable Line up where I could play for sure in. For history and more informations add me.

Contact details:
quote ] 
Nationality : Serbian
Language: English.
Age: 17
Weapon: AK
Activity: Weeknights !

Looking for team ; HIGH / Preinvite player !

Contact  :
x-Fire : nackedmylove

Best Rgards,

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Name:Samir "jun!oR" Skomorac
Age:19 years

Newbie on cb but wanna good clan to play with...
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We are a portuguese organization who wants to develop in the future and for that, we desire a Call Of Duty 4 Team, that have skilled players and wants to participate frequently on tournaments.

We already had an excellent team, with members of the Team Portugal, but they abandoned us, with no reason and without warning.

So we're here to say that we're open to a new team for ocupate the division of COD4 and to not "run away" like the other team.

We offer everything, since Server (UK), TeamSpeak 2, Site (http://www.corpus.senso.com/) and BNC's for mIRC (#CorpuSenso @Quakenet).

To contact us, leave a message on the shoutbox of our site, speak to cSenso|MaSbeN or cSenso|Kright on our IRC channel or simply send an e-mail to mjpereira_76@hotmail.com with all of your informations since:

- Ex-Teams
- Number of members and age of all of them
- Awards
- Plans for future (tournaments, ladders,...)

PS: you can also send a private message by ESL to me (MaSbeN) or write here your informations.
#CorpuSenso @Quakenet
quote ] 
Scope searchs team.

TEK9  << informations.

xfire: badzurzach
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I'm looking MED+/HIGH cod4 clan to play wars/cups with

Real name:Antti Kymäläinen
Game nick: MalMug
Nationality: Finnish
Ex-Teams: wibu, NoC, <)dOb(>...
LANs: none so far
Skill: Med+
Weapon: AK47 (AK74u)

Achievements: Not much to brag with, cb hid 2856092, been playing in FIN national team. Have been playing cod4 since release and other games before that. I have clean trackable history from 2006 without guid changes.

Aspirations: Want to be in active skilled team, either Finnish or English speaking and get to play wars.

Add me to xfire to talk more or ask me to join scrims/mix/test wars

Contact details: xfire malmug
quote ] 
Real name: Aurimas Rutkauskas
Game nick: Kewinas
Age: 15 (near 16)
Nationality: Lithuanian
Ex-Teams: canei gaming, CMD. (local teams)
LANs: none
Skill: High
Weapon: High SMG, med assault.

Achievements: 2nd place in Rasta nightcup with canei, 1300pts (cb).

Aspirations: I would like to play ESL, CB, nightcups and etc. I'm not able to attend a LAN at the moment. I can handle academy.

Contacts: PM or xfire - laimiux
quote ] 
Name: Henri 'KiPE' Kainulainen
Nationality: Finland
Language: English, finnish (Cod4 spots in german/english)
Age: 16
Weapon: Ak-47
Activity: 24/7 (not when weather is good.)
Xfire: vk06

About me: My first Call of Duty 4 team was Ensidia from Czech Republic. Then i moved to VaNdEr from German. I'm playing in Vander atm. but i'm searching new team because they arent so active and i want to play and play. I'm not kiddie if that 16 bothers you. My english is good and i know cod4 spots in german pretty good, so thats why i'm searching for international, UK, german/dutch or finnish team. I'm med skilled with AK-47 and i can use little bit Aku too. More information at pm or xf.

From you: i would want skill and very active team-play and you can speak little bit english. Maybe pcw/match server, ventrilo/mumble/ts3 ofc.  

That's it, if interested, pm / xf. emoticon-grin
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Nationality : Serbian.
Language: English.
Age: 17
Weapon: AK
Activity: Weeknights
Ex-Team's : LeftClicker's,CosaNostra-gaming,PARANOIA eSports,Aktrona eSports,Team empire,r!ve-gaming,zeroissue Gaming ....

Looking for team ; HIGH / Preinvite player !

Contact  :
x-Fire : nackedmylove

Best Regards,
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hey people
search team to play
Can also be calm reconstruction.

to me:
-23 Years
-Ak-players, aku is also
On a day-night
I've even -server/ts

to you:
-No kiddis (14 etc)
Skill-no matter the main thing makes gambling fun with you
-You should have fun and gamble at times may lose

if interested just Add
xfire: n3ro88
quote ] 
Nationality : Italy
Language: English ; Polish
Age: 16
Weapon: AK ; AKU ; Scope
Activity: 12/7
Ex-Team's : u!feel ; myR ; STG ; Fenneks eSprots ; sV7 

Looking for team ; HIGH / Preinvite player !

Contact  :
x-Fire : z0ltr1x

Best Regards,
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** deleted **

im searching for a esl-playing team, not a clan, cause i have to look if theres a future in our clan!
Iam a reliable and a very good ak player. You can put me in much different teams for gaming and i work!
Interessted: Xfire: barmker

Thanks ,
im out
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Hey guys!

I'm looking for a Nice Team, Active and Fun!
I'm looking to win but also have fun and play fair emoticon-grin

I am 15.5 Years old
I can speak good English
I can play either as a sniper, use SMG, or Assault.
I would like to play 3v3/5v5 Hardcore-Promod Ladder
if you have any questions or you want more info, feel free to ask me!
btw, my xfire is wcfhunt3r. add me! emoticon-grin

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I'm searching a team playing seriously on CB and EAS.

About me:
-18 years old
-Med+ skilled
-Able to speak English and German
-Playing AK-74u

About you:
-18+ aged is best but if you behave mature
-Med+ skilled

You can contact me in Xfire (ich1du0) or by ESL PM
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AM FROM uk 16  i play cod4 for 3 years now    i looking for high only  add my xfire jakedog10 and we well talk
quote ] 
Nickname: nimrod/stoney

Nationality: Germany

Language: German & English

Ex-Teams: none worth listing

Weapons: SMG/Assault

Skill: Med+/High

Lanable: depends on you and the team

Aspirations: to advance as a player in a serious team, enter online leagues like ClanBase and ESL / pushing into Academy - Preinvite . Also nightcups etc

Xfire: mindbowling
ICQ: 315302364
CB Link: http://clanbase.ggl.com/humaninfo.php?hid=3251129

PS: würde lieber in einem deutsch-sprachigen Team spielen emoticon-tongue
quote ] 
Hello FightAh here,

About me:

I'm looking for a good ESL team.
I'm 17 Years old, can speak Dutch and English.
Country: The Netherlands
I dont have a clan history on ESL but i did alot of PCW's on my old EDOM clan.

I know the tactics.
Weapon: AK47.
Skill: At The Moment Med+/High
Xfire: fighterkm

Xfire me when you wanna have a Mix with me.

quote ] 
Nickname: moonkii!

Nationality: Germany

Language: German & English

Ex-Teams: iNSIDE (eas 1.div)

Weapons: SMG/Assault

Skill: Med+

Xfire : monkeyaction
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