VERSUS 1.0 - Movies & More!
After months of tedious testing, ESL VERSUS has finally been put through it's final testing stages and can now take up it's new official name as VERSUS 1.0!

Officially being announced as VERSUS 1.0 during late November, awards were recently given out to all of you whom helped participate in the testing phases of the newly released feature as a token of ESL's gratitude.
With so many of you now taking enjoyment out of using this fantastic new feature, ESL have put alot of time & effort into ensuring everyone can make the most of VERSUS. Whether you're looking to play alone or with friends, there's a huge range of choices to be made when looking to play on VERSUS.

As we're sure most of you are already aware, there are ofcourse a very small minority of users who still insist of breaking rules and simply not following the guidelines put in place, which in turn can lead to a handful of VERSUS matches not being played fairly. ESL have therefore put the following procedures into place to help put a stop to rule breakers and trouble makers!

Reporting the rule breakers!

Having put together an admin squad specifically assigned to deal with VERSUS issues, ESL want to ensure you all that you CAN enjoy VERSUS without the worries of users disregarding rules and making a mess of your matches! We've therefore put together a How2 Guide to help you make the most of ESL VERSUS!

How2VERSUS #1 - Reporting RuleBreakers: Getting rid of the troublemakers
How2VERSUS #2 - VETO: What's the score? Getting your results accepted FAST!
How2VERSUS #3 - Leavers: Making your mark!

If you'd like to read more on the in's and out's of ESL VERSUS, why not take a look at the following to help you?

Warmup Season
From Scratch to v1.0
Veto: Tips & Tricks


ESL, Movies & You!

Something we here at the ESL European Call of Duty4 section have also been intrigued by are the some of the frags you and you're team have been able to pull off during your ESL matches. We've been taking a long hard look for video's not only which have great kills, but applaudable editing.

We have therefore picked out the following video in the hopes of inspiring some of you to create your own ESL match movies with the kills you've achieved whilst playing in your ESL matches.

If you think you have what it takes to create something out of the ordinary with your skills both on and off the playing field, then why not post your editing here and you could see it in the next news post!

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DOLER, Wednesday, 07/12/11 19:47
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comments (7)
is so nice :X , gj
awesome video! great work!
mit welchem Programm kann man solche 3D animationen machen,bzw. wie zieh ich die sachen in cinema4d
great video
good job for movie! +1
katha one of the best ^^
@hypr you can make with cinema4d or 3dsmax,

damn good video, but he's the best movie maker of all time.
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