Winter Cup 2012
As winter has knocked on our doors, everything is in Christmas spirit and New Year has come it's time to make a little winter cup in our section.
We will hopefully have 128 teams battling our for that number 1 spot and our Winter Cup award, as well as premium prizes for 3 top spots.

Winter Cup 2012 details

CoD4 S&D 5on5 Winter Cup
Teamsize 5 on 5
Cup size 128 Teams
Mode Search & Destroy (SD)
Ruleset MR12 - 1 map - first to 13 rounds
Maps mapveto
Mappool Backlot
Start 22nd Januray
End 3rd February

CoD4 Winter Cup 2012 Signup!

Prizes & Award

Of course you will receive some prizes, if you reach the Top 3! The first place will get this gold special Winter Cup Winner award alongside premium account. Don't worry, teams that take second and third spot won't leave empty handed!

1st Place: 5x3 Months ESL Premium
2nd Place: 5x2 Months ESL Premium
3rd Place: 5x1 Months ESL Premium

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The ESL admin team would like to wish all teams the best of luck a very merry christmas and a happy new year!
johNNy, Sunday, 08/01/12 18:00
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Gl& HF
128 clans
can we saw a list of joined clans/teams?
thx ^^
are the match start times visible somewhere other than only the cup start date?
Yes, just check the http://www.esl.eu/eu/cod4/promod/sd/5on5/wintercup_2012/rankings/" target="_blank">Tournament Tree - if you click on matches from each round you can see when they are supposed to be played.
found them but... are the times always CET or what? :/
When opponets would be known?
gl hf all <3
guyz idk who will play vs TERRORECON team, so we can only play first match tonight at 23cet or tomorow, we gona talk to night if u are my opponent :P so dont put noshow coz we can change times for matches... <3
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When opponets would be known?
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