CoD4 1on1 S&D Summer League
As Summer has come to warm up our days and sun is up in the sky distracting gamers from playing, we have decided to go for something more casual this Summer season.

Instead of hosting another team competition, this season we have decided to got for some 1on1 Search & Destroy battling.
We are hoping to get 64 players to signup and participate this summer. They will be spread over 8 groups of 8 where they will play one match per week until they have played against every player in their group.

At the end of the groupstage, two or four best players for each group will proceed to playoffs depending on severity of noshows and default wins where they shall battle top players from other groups as well as their own for that all important number one spot.

Summer League 2012 details

Call of Duty 4 1on1 S&D Summer League
Teamsize 1on1
Cup size 64 players
Mode Search & Destroy (SD)
Ruleset MR12 - 1 map - first to 13 rounds
Maps Mapelimination
Mappool Backlot
Groupstage 1st July - 12th August
Playoffs 16th August - 31st August

CoD 4 Summer League 2012 Signup!

It is possible we extend league size to 128 players in case there is a huge interest by the community itself, however, there are no guarantees.


The winning player of the 1on1 Search & Destroy Summer League 2012 will receive the exclusive Summer Season Award!

Certainly in addition, the top three will receive ESL Premium as following:

3 months Premium for the winning player
2 months Premium for 2nd place
1 month Premium for 3rd place

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The ESL admin team would like to wish all participants a good luck!
johNNy, Tuesday, 19/06/12 01:14
Signup here!
comments (6)
´when this starts?
1st July ????

euro final np
Matches in the groupstage are of course movable. You have to play your match before next round, which basically means you have got 7 days to play one single match.
is there a chance u can still get in this tourney :)?
No , because there's no free slots.
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