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[Official] Player is searching clan
Author Posting
I'm looking 4 an international team
I can speak english and I'm med skilled
Cod4 promod and hardcore
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Sengsky is searching med+ skilled team. (cod4 promod)

Experience allot of clanbase in history i quith with gaming uhm like some years ago. i was once second at clanbase with the game call of duty united offensive. but that was long time ago.

My language = Dutch English (i preffer dutch)

My xfire is: Sengsky
Nick: Sengsky
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Team is looking for mgc.
We are online and LAN-active, stable and skilled. Just need LAN and servers support.
ICQ 599071964
or #team.ko DRZj- @ qukenet.org irc
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Hello I am looking for a high skill Clan, As like to coach 5-7 times a week, I am a very serious player and always try to do my best, I try to be 1 of the best in the world, Test me if you want .

About Me:
I like fun but also very serious when it comes

I am 12 years Soon 13

I am a very active player

i think i am middel + high -

I can speak English

I can play Promodlive and hardcore

About you:

very serious clan

Trainers often

and need a player to the team

Contat Me : Xfire Jonasg333
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Or Msn : Bordtennis1@hotmail.com
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hmm. Well I just recently started playing this game/promod and I would like to look for a clan.

About me:

-16 Years Old
-Very mature for my age
-Funny guy emoticon-smile
-About low+ or med-
-Flexible in positions
-Plays Ak47 or Ak74u (can play scope too, just a stevy wnb)
-I know a lot about the internets!
-Speaks english

Contact me in IRC @ #poet.et /q RenZor
XFire: lillemur231 (don't ask emoticon-smileDD)
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Looking for a team

Weapon : AK47 / AK74u
Skill : High
Age : 16
Country : UK
Speaks : English
Xfire : samrobck

add me on xfire if you wish to recruit me emoticon-smile

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iam looking for Eu or DE team
you must be cb aktiv
cb1300 pts

esl ladder and cups aktiv ;)

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I am looking for A Euorpean International Clan.
The clan must be active and must play PCW and in CB.
I am currently pretty new to the game so I am still low+ but I am very experiences in first person shooting game, was one of the best players in the world in war rock, TF2, and many others..
I am 16 years old.
My Wepaon is AK47/AK74
I am from Israel.
My english is very good.
I have teamspeak/vent/xfire
Contact me trough Xfire:zivking4me
or msn: zivking10@hotmail.com
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Weapon : Any but i prefer ak74u
Skill : medish
Age : 22
Country : UK
Speaks : English
Xfire emoticon-smileknowles

would prefer a promod team over anything else..i do struggle to call what i see and stuff..but i should be able to aim ok because i played previous cod games
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Me an my mate are looking for a .de or .eu team.

-got experience of many years in CoD-series (playing both since cod-vanilla), specially in cod2 (most time played and very skilled)
-already played cod4 before just 4 fun
-want to start playing cod4 actively now (weapon: ak47 / ak74u)
-can speak german and english
-are both over 18, friendly and reliable

-should be an active team in esl and/or clanbase
-should have got gameserver, voiceserver etc.
-should be med-skilled at least
-should be friendly
-over 18 years would be good emoticon-grin

Contact us for a testgame... xfire: rise090 / luckasss
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Looking player for new team
Age: 18 ++
From:speak english
Schedules: 12:00/17:00 and 20:00/04:00 xD
Contact Xfire: alvyeee
Skilled: med+!
Play: CB and ESL!

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I am looking for a team

Weapon : AK47 / AK74u
Skill : Med+
Age : 17
Country : England
Speaks : English
Xfire : leicesterlad

Please add me on xfire if you wish to recruit me

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I'm looking for a team.

Weapon: ak74u / ak47
skill: I think i'm med+, but i'm not the one to judge.
Age: 21
Country: Lithuania
xfire: nematomas
icq: 238158560

I'm looking for the already active clan in ESL which is friendly and stable. I'm active most nights during week. I'm friendly and reliable. I have a private 10 slots server which could be shared with clan. During week I can only play till 1pm in mornings or/and after 10pm in evenings (UK time).
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Looking for a team

Weapon : AK47 / AK74u
Skill : Med
Age : 17
Country : Estonia
Speaks : english/estonian
Xfire : flamekillur

Looking for active team, which is friendly and active. I'm active and can play till 4am at weekends and at work days till 1am.
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Hi, I am MED- / MED skilled AK/AKu player from the UK. I'm looking for a team that's active playing most nights. I haven't played an awful lot of promod but I've played in serious clans in CS1.6, CSS, BF2142 and TF2. I'm 19 and currently work nearly full time but will be a student soon. I am able to play nearly every night apart from Tuesdays! Xfire: ritchstorm

Thanks x
quote ] 
search cb team!!!

skill TG ?

my weapon is ak47 ...

pm me or xfire foley300
quote ] 
im searching a cod4 promod team to play >ESL< with.
Age: 15 years old.
my skill: med+ sometimes high.
weapon: ak47 and ak47/u or snipe.
team must be 5v5 or 3v3.
i prefer non hc.
must be fun but also serious Team.
language: English or Dutch.
i am sometimes lanable depends on where the lan is.

pm me or add me on xf: captkiller13
quote ] 
** deleted **
Hi ,

i'm looking for a french clan on COD 4.

Skill : low + , Mid
Age : 23 ans
Weapon : ak 47
Xfire : gwvolcom
Prefer Hc tdm and sd
account cb and esl

Contact me on esl or xfire
thx hf
quote ] 
hi, im searching for a cb/esl mix/team high. add me xfire: teamddmatsens4
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** deleted **
Looking for a team

Weapon : AK47 / AK74u / Smg
Skill : mid+
Age : 16
Country : Sweden/Uk
Speaks : English
Xfire : Hofven
Steam : Joker_cs
Msn : jokerjojjo@hotmail.com

add me on xfire if you wish to recruit me emoticon-smile

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search a team med, on EAS.


FPS: 100
PING: 60
Favorite Map: crash/strike/backlot/..
Weapon: AK47 or Ak74u

xfire: piknuke
msn: piknuke@hotmail.it
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Hi everyone...
I am searching for clan-med++/high skilled.
Playing with Ak47,Ak74u,Scope.
16 years old. From croatia...
add me xfire-jergaboy
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