"I Like" comes to ESL
Today we can announce another small but nice feature that we have made available, the ability to "Like" news posts on the ESL that interest you through Facebook.
Many users will already be familiar with Facebook's "I Like" button that has become widespread on many other websites. It simply allows you to announce that you like the news post, and be counted as liking it amongst your friends and other Facebook users.

You will be able to find the "I Like" button at the bottom of all ESL news posts, and in the near future it will be added to other areas of the website.

This is the first of many steps to come towards improving the social aspect of the ESL. Further integration with Facebook and possibly other social networks is on the horizon to allow you to share your gaming activities and achievements with your friends outside of the ESL.

Your Admin team
TheRogue, Thursday, 24/06/10 14:27
comments (5)
I like :P
i dont like facebook,it ruins gaming :(
What is Facebook ? Lawl ! Totaly useless.
Well done.
i dislike this new "i like" >_>
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