CoD 4: Country Championship Open Application
It's been a couple of weeks since we have officially announced Call of Duty 4 country championship here on the ESL and it's now time for some update!

We will be looking for team captains for all nations that don't have national section here on ESL, or where national section was not interested in creating their national teams.
If you are interested in playing and even more leading your national team, this is the right place to be. Open application period will last for 10 days and national captains should be known 3 days after.

Writing an application

Of course, there are some basic requirements that have to be complied in order to be able to apply for team captain. Firstly, the following countries already have their team captain and teams are being arranged by national sections:
Austria Belarus
France Germany
Israel Italy
Portugal Russian Federation
Ukraine United Kingdom

Teams will be announced once all teams are fully created.

If you are not from any country mentioned above, you are allowed to apply. However, there are some further requirements to be satisfied:

At least 16 years of age
Nationality and residence have to be in the country you want to be captain for
Active Gameaccount for Call of Duty 4 is needed
You must be sure that you have enough players in your country to form a team
Experience in leading teams
Responsibility and respectability
Clean gaming history

If you are certain to fulfil the above mentioned requirements and want to lead your nation to victory, do not hesitate and apply for team captain now. Tell us as much as possible about yourself, provide as much information about your gaming history as well as tell us why should we pick You to lead your country.

The application subject should be Team captain - [COUNTRY HERE], so that we would have better overview in our tickets. Open application period starts now and will end in 10 days, on Wednesday June 13th.

Write Your Application

Once all the team captains have been picked they will be given roughly 14 days to establish their lineup, so make sure you have got everything planned before you apply! Furthermore, please note that most likely not every country that applies will get spot in this tournament due to cup structure.

The ESL admin team would like to wish all applicants the best of luck!
johNNy, Sunday, 03/06/12 17:59
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comments (21)
nice news johnny :)
who is for germany?
smithz, tr1p, me
Hm, it surprises me that the Belgium and The Netherlands is not ran by the Benelux section...
well smells likes Vetternwirtschaft for Germany once again
JEYZKAA wrote:
well smells likes Vetternwirtschaft for Germany once again

There were 3 applications 1 week after the first news were announced.
Those 3 persons got accepted, it is your problem if you dont follow the EU news.
Bosnia is gona participate this :) ,jeyz going with us i think xd
hellraizer can one apply with you?
@ ellraizer, when the applications are running until Wednesday June 13th, you can clearly wait for another applications :>

A little bit senseless
without CZ ? oO :(((
TAYYY wrote:
@ ellraizer, when the applications are running until Wednesday June 13th, you can clearly wait for another applications :>

A little bit senseless

There were two deadlines, the deadline to form teams by national sections and another one to form teams by EU. And the deadline to form a german team was already over.
Shit I m not 16
Nice :D Germany Win :DDDDD
the ESL admin jhonny accepted us(team spain) in this cup, why arent we in the roster?
Bosnia accepted as well :) by johny
Any idea when they will publish full roster, groups and dates to play ?
8 July , probably
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