EMS IX CoD4: Play-Off's go LIVE!
Having seen the group stage's wittle down our original 24 contenders to a mere 12 remaining teams, ESL announce the schedule of the Major Series play-off's! Initially kicking off the season with National Qualifiers, the ESL Major Series has taken another small step in the direction of the play-off's and ultimately, the Grand Finals.
Following the final match within the Group Stages, event organisers have been hard at work ensuring that the tournament continues to run as planned with the play-off's scheduled to start within the next seven days. With a dozen or so teams preparing to continue their journey through Europe's most prestigious online tournament, the Group Stages have supplied us with weeks worth of highly entertaining action, featuring the likes of recent Corsair Vengeance Challenge winners Anexis & runner's up LowLandLions alongside many more.

A truly demanding challenge to say the least, the ESL Major Series is known as one of the most gruelling online tournaments within the esports scene, however with a stunning €2500 prizepot on offer and the finest talent in Europe desperate to get their hands on it, the stakes could not be higher!

The Matches

The first placed teams from the Group Stages have been automatically forwarded into the 2nd round of the tournament tree. All 2nd and 3rd placing teams do ofcourse have to play their first matches which are due to start Sunday, 18/12/11 20:00.

EMS IX CoD4 Playoffs

eSuba vs LowLandLions

Sunday, 18/12/11 20:00
Status: closed

 eSuba.INTEL (#9)[10:13] mYinsanity (#8)

Team Empire vs Team-Property

Sunday, 18/12/11 20:00
Status: closed

 Team Empire CoD.. (#12)[0:2] Team-Property (#5)

OverGame vs cHaos eSport

Tuesday, 27/12/11 21:00
Status: closed

 OverGame (#6)[13:10] cHaos eSport (#11)

FRAGMASTERS vs Cracked Gamers

Sunday, 18/12/11 20:00
Status: closed

 FRAGMASTERS COD.. (#7)[13:8] Cyborg Factory (#10)

Live Streams & Other Info!

ESL are ofcourse hoping to see the above matches and future matches covered by the communities finest esports streamers & shoutcasters. We will be looking to contact the likes of previous associates QUADV, Kaos TV & CODTV within the next fews days and providing such a deal can be struck up, a further news post will be released regarding coverage information!

Stay tuned

To get the latest news about and the visit us here:

EMS IX Homepage

EMS IX CoD4 Homepage

Good luck to all our participants and don't forget to join and idle in #esl.cod4!

Your admin crew.
DOLER, Wednesday, 14/12/11 03:51
EMS IX CoD4 Homepage
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