Wednesday Night Action: Grand Finals!
It's finally here, following 8 weeks of non-stop Wednesday Night Action, ESL announce the Grand Finals of their latest, epic cup series.

After handing over the four remaining Grand Final placings to the winners & runners up of week VIII's cup, ESL can now announce the 32 teams who have made the final cut and stand a chance of winning those glorious prizes at stake.
Having managed to fight their way through the past 8 weeks worth of cups to only find themselves caught in another battle of the beasts, ESL would like to give a round of applause to all of the following teams who have made it this far in ESL's Wednesday Night Action Series.

Weekly Winners

Week 1Week 2
SaG & Airborne GIVE IT ALL
Frag of Generation MaximuM e-Sports Club
Volume 7 team.einfach
Grow Up Gaming pitbulls gaming

Week 3Week 4
Divi5ion.AWD-IT Welcome Reality!
Noise eSports GameWarriors.TLH
cHaos.illusion 4nothing.AMD*
Hard-Knocks.de Team HighFlow

Week 5Week 6
Angry!* OverGame
Xnine* Frogs of War
2Legends Audere Semper eSport
myRevenge e.V.* New Experienc

Week 7Week 8
Team dizual.FO eSport gamehoppers
Skitlite Gaming keller-crew
MYserious roYality eSports

The Glorious Prizes

1st Place: 5x3 Months ESL Premium
2nd Place: 5x2 Months ESL Premium
3rd Place: 5x1 Months ESL Premium

The Invites

Each of the above teams will be sent a Grand Finals invite over the next few days to confirm that they have been requested to take part in the event which is due to take place on Wednesday 9th November @ 20:30 CET.

There have also been some adjustments made in regards to teams who had also received 1 or more slots within the night series. These teams are still able to participate in the cup, however their second slots have been given to other 3rd round teams which did not make it into the top 4, these teams are marked with a * at the end of their name.

The Rules

As used in all previous cups within the series, the following rule-set has been put into place to ensure the cup runs as smoothly as possible over the duration of the night.

Call of Duty 4 Wednesday Night Action Series: Grand Finals!
Team Size 5 on 5
Mod Promod Live 2.11
Mode Search & Destroy (SD)
Rule Set /rcon promod_mode match_mr12
Results 1 map decided by admin
Map Pool mp_backlot
Match Date
Round 1 20:30 CET
Round 2 21:15 CET
Round 3 22:00 CET
Semi-Finals 22:45 CET
Finals: 23:30 CET

More Information

More information you can read here
Teams participating are shown here
Here you can see the tournament tree
Brackets will be done around 15 minutes before the cup starts
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