Sunday Cup Series 1v1 Week 7!
Now rested & raring to go for our latest Sunday Cup, ESL announce the Sunday Cup Series Week 7!

Following on from our last Sunday Cup just under 2 weeks ago, ESL are elated to announce the return of the Sunday Cup Series after last weeks short break to allow the planning and scheduling of the first playday of the ESL Major Series group stages.
Having seen Polish powerhouse NuN claim victory over week 6 of the Sunday Cup Series, ESL are now bringing back the Sunday afternoon action in an effort draw in another group of worthy challengers and potentially find a new cup champion.

The Rules!

As with all previous Sunday Cups, the following rules have been put in place to ensure that all participants have no advantages over their opponents and that the tournament runs as smoothly as possible.

Call of Duty 4 Sunday Cup Series 1on1 Week 7!
Team Size 1 on 1
Mod Promod Live 2.11
Mode Death Match (DM)
Rule Set /rcon g_gametype dm
Results 1 map decided by admin
Map Pool mp_showdown
Match Dates
Round 1 15:30 CEST
Round 2 16:15 CEST
Round 3 17:00 CEST
Semi-Finals 17:45 CEST
Finals: 18:15 CEST


More Information

More information you can read here
Teams participating are shown here
Here you can see the tournament tree
Brackets will be done around 15 minutes before the cup starts
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If you have questions feel free to join us in IRC (#esl.cod4 @Quakenet), use the support ticket or join our Lobby on ESL Wire.
DOLER, Friday, 21/10/11 21:53
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