Last Match in Call of Duy 4? *Updated*
The grand final of the ESL Major Series takes place Tuesday night between Team-Dignitas and Button-Bashers!
This two teams played matches against teams all over Europe and won them. This teams going from hell up the sky and how its time for the revenge? Both played already in the winner bracket final against each other Team Dignitas won this match with a score 13:8. Can they do it again? We will see it live on stream which is again powered by QuadV. The incredible Deman will start again his microphone an commentate a match of the extra class. Both teams are hot to win this overall final. Of course we will use in this overall final the known system best of three*.

*The System*

Each team picks a map, the map from team which comes from the loser bracket will be played first. If team Button Bashers win this map. We switch the the choice of Team Dignitas. A maps ends if one team reaches the score of 13, if there is a draw on one map the game continues until one team win the overtime (Bo3). Both maps have a knife round to decide the side. The team from the winner bracket needs to win 1 map the loser brakekt team 2.

What is QuadV?

QuadV is an online video game broadcaster and commentary team. Established in 2007 to fill a void in esports live coverage, QuadV is today recognised as one of the leading esports broadcasters in the world.
The company travels the globe to the highest profile professional gaming tournaments providing live video streaming TV, free of charge to a huge audience of fans.

The Match

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Statement: Stevy

It will be nice playing dignitas. We will be playing with r1k because our 5th player mofje left us after cc5. I hope we can make it a nice match, will be hard to win 2 maps though.

Good luck and have fun.

Statement: ODEE

So finally we are ending this EMS, we have been dying to show everyone our strength in this competition. Together with some other very good teams this has been a very good tournament.

Nonetheless we want to win and we are aiming for #1.

*Update* Dignitas won the match after a close game, the final Score is 2:1 in favor to Dignitas
Creepy, Monday, 26/01/09 18:18
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gl to both :)
Great Match!

GL & HF!
Nice match, GL Both teams :)
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