EMS IX CoD4: Match Day 1&2 VOD's!
Following two weeks of intense action, ESL have gathered the past fortnights VOD's for anyone hoping to catch up on the latest Major Series action.

With a total of eight matches covered over playday's 1 & 2, ESL have gathered the coverage provided by streaming partners QUADV & CODTV and threw it all into one big news post to allow anyone who missed out on their daily dosage of EMS magic to keep up to-date with going's on so far.
Kicking off our live coverage in the first week of the group-stages, we saw all UK lineup FRAGMASTERS COD4 paired with team-imex in what many thought was to be a sure victory for the British team...

PlayDay Week 1

FRAGMASTERS vs team-imex

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Team Empire vs Infused.Tt eSPORTS

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Team Empire VS Infused.TteSPORTS

Team WinFakt vs ANEXIS

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Team WinFakt VS ANEXIS

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PlayDay Week 2

With wins, draws, losses and wild-cards all playing their part within the opening week of the group-stages, one match in particular which grabbed the attention of the public was the new team representing Team Dignitas, probobs VS Russian counterparts Team Empire CoD4 in our second week of the Major Series group-stages.

With both teams having won their first matches within the tournament, the stage was set for what was intended to be a true clash of the titans, however no one could have predicted the events which were about to unfold during the epic 15 minute match, in which saw the UK team smash their opponents into submission with the final scores clocked in at 13-3 in favour of probobs.

Team Empire vs probobs

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Team Empire VS probobs

ANEXIS vs Authority-GaminG

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ANEXIS VS Authority-GaminG

OX.Enermax vs fnaticMSi

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OX.Enermax VS fnaticMSi

Team-Property vs Phantasmagoria

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Team-Property VS Phantasmagoria

1puRe eSports vs Phantasmagoria

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1puRe eSports VS team-imex

Following in the footsteps of our last two playdays, ESL are hoping to continue their live coverage of the Major Series for the remainder of the tournament with coverage partners, QUADV & CODTV, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for further news announcements to ensure you keep up to date with the ESL Major Series Season IX!

Stay tuned

To get the latest news about and the visit us here:

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EMS IX CoD4 Homepage

Good luck to all our participants and don't forget to join and idle in #esl.cod4!

Your admin crew.
DOLER, Thursday, 27/10/11 16:02
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